Author Topic: Has CZ fixed issues with hollow-pts (and loaded-chamber-indicator) in the CZ97?  (Read 891 times)

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Has CZ fixed issues with hollow-points (and loaded-chamber-indicator) in the CZ-97B ?

hollow-points do not feed (or did not at one time in the gun's history):

loaded-chamber-indicator needs to be loctite by the owner:

ps:  I own three 9mm CZ-75B's and have had no problems (except with
a 26rd mag that wouldn't feed in my steel-frame-compact-with-rail.)

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Hollow-points feeding is fixed long time ago.
LCI still need to be locktited by the owner or you will loose it quickly.


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Yep just add a dab of loctite to the LCI. The defensive ammo/hollow point issue was remedied with the 2012 models.