Author Topic: Rifle, Zbrojovka Brno Narodi Podnik - caliber 8x60S  (Read 385 times)

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Rifle, Zbrojovka Brno Narodi Podnik - caliber 8x60S
« on: December 06, 2017, 07:22:59 PM »
I have a delightful rifle.  I have an idea of the purpose, but no details of the background.  The rifle is in caliber 8x60S (stamped on barrel and verified by me).  Weight is less than six pounds; it it obviously a big game (probably not African) stalking rifle.  I would not take this shooting groundhogs.  Perhaps feral hogs, but not the little ones.)

What is obviously a Mauser designed '98 action.  No left side thumb cut.  No stripper clip guides.  I presume it to be the civilian version of the VZ24 action, but a later version. 

I cannot figure out how to attach photos to his posting.  I do have pictures, but I can't get from here to there for some reason.

The top of the action is furnished with what seem to be milled into the action scope mounts.  It seems to be something like a rail type mount with a textured (waves) space on top between the rails. 

The bolt handle is the 'dog ear' type, fitting flat along the right side of the rifle. Magazine release - to open fixed magazine - is a lever release on the rear of the bottom of the floor plate. 

It does have a Z within a C logo, which seems to be the CZ symbol; this part of the machining (stamping?) on top of the front of the receiver. 

Any idea when this was made and anything about the decision to manufacture it?  Model number or name?

I am informed about the cartridge.  I obtained empty cases from PPU and have fired an initial round of exploratory rounds to develop a couple loads for it.  I know it's essentially a lengthened 8x57mm cartridge being engendered just after the first World War.  I am pretty sure this is from the Brno factory more or less as is.  I'm wondering how it's identified and when - more or less - it was made. 
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Re: Rifle, Zbrojovka Brno Narodi Podnik - caliber 8x60S
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 07:13:47 PM »
I can't answer questions about your rifle, but I might be able to help with pictures.

Get a Flickr, or Imgur account. Upload your pics to those hosting sites, and then link to them here.

If you have trouble, we'll help.
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