Author Topic: Ordered my first spring kit, floating trigger pin, and two recoil springs to try  (Read 606 times)

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Starting to try to improve my Tri-Star L-120. Over 1500 rounds through it now.
Did a complete tear down and cleaning to familiarize myself with the process.
Only spent 30 minutes looking for small parts that launched themselves.
Trigger return spring is a real pain.   Used a small aluminum rivet stem to make the dummy pin.
Bought some fingernail polishing sticks in various grits to clean up the parts.

Question,  is it possible to put the trigger return spring in backwards and have a soft double action reset?

Sometimes if I slowly release the trigger it will not reset in double action.
If I quickly release the trigger it has enough momentum to reset in double action.
Makes dry firing  spotty and now I do not trust it for self defense.
It was 100% reliable before I took the trigger apart.
Feels gummy not gritty like something is sticking to it and dragging.

Double action pull is still heavy as stock but much smoother.
Single action creep is almost gone.
There was a small burr on the Trigger bar where the disconnector sits that polished out.

Also ordered the reduced power trigger return spring.
I fear it will not reset the gun at all if I don't get it working properly with the factory trigger return spring.
Some big drag marks on the frame where the tip of the disconnector rides.  Wearing through the finish. Can it be shortened or polished a bit?
Certainly will be ordering the T2 disconnector.
Lots of uptake as it is now.
Test fired good a few minutes ago so I didn't screw up the firing pin block timing.
Single stage reset was good but not great. Reliability is what I wanted.
Sure wish there was a reach reduction kit for the Canik. Can the CZ kit be adapted?
Are the firing pins compatible between CZ and Canik?

Looking forward to getting the parts in hand and installed.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Looks like the USPS decided to take the week after New Years off.
They were working 6 days a week up till Christmas, so they earned it.
Patience young Padawan.

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  • Larry

I hadn't thought about using emory boards instead of sandpaper. I bet you went through a ton of them.

I've never tried installing the TRS backwards so I don't know if it will give a softer reset, or if it will even work.

I tried a reduced power TRS but I didn't like the reduced feedback, so I put the stock one back in. I've bought several of them over several orders so I have spares in case one breaks, which apparently used to be a problem with them.

My guess on the flaky reset problem:
One thing you might check is to make sure both ends of the Trigger Bar Spring (#31 in the manual) are riding in the grooves underneath the trigger bar, and not between the trigger bar and the frame. Just a guess.
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Adjusting trigger bar springs helped a lot.
Lots of searching topics in the forum lead me to try that .
Nothing new, same problems seem to come up again and again and someone else knows the solution.
Gettting to the point where I can take it apart in about 5 minutes.

Spending more time looking for the parts that invariably launch themselves.

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Finally got it. 
Too late in the day for me to install though. 
I work 3rd shift.
Time for bed and dreaming of a sweet trigger pull.