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Acraglas (funny) story from the past
« on: January 09, 2018, 07:38:42 AM »
The thread on the CZ rifle with the barrel contact in the barrel channel reminded me of some stuff from 30+ years ago.  Some info on fixing a rifle and a funny thing that happened afterwards.

I had a buddy that had a beautiful M700 in .222 Remington (yeah, .222, not .223).  Gorgeous rifle with the slim barrel and cut checkering, not the stamped "checkering" like my M700 Varmint Special has.  He had a 3X9 Charles Daly scope on it.

When we got into ground hog hunting we found his rifle would do something like this at 100 yds.  The group started well and then opened up starting with the 3rd shot through the 5th shot for a group that was around 3.5" to 4" across.

                                                                                        .  5th shot

                                                                                .  4th shot

                                                                      . 3rd shot

                                                                ..   2nd and 1st shots would often touch or tear the same hole

Barrel was touching the wood in the barrel channel on the bottom and left sides (the old piece of paper under the barrel and dragged up and down the channel trick).

We removed the barreled action from the stock, removed the piece of wood where contact was made, put some polyurethane on the bare wood and reinstalled the barreled action.  The barreled action would flop back and forth in the stock.  Darn.

Went to a local gun store and bought a Brownell's acraglass bedding kit.  Removed the barreled action again and followed the instructions to remove wood all around the receiver and and inch or so in front of the receiver where the front trigger guard screw threads into the receiver. 

We put three coats of the release compound on the metal to insure the bedding compound would not "glue" the receiver/barrel to the stock.  Then we mixed up the bedding compound (a two part epoxy) in the little waxed paper cup that was in the kit and put the stuff in the stock (clamped in the bench vise with some pine wood pieces to protect the stock from the vise jaws) before putting the barreled action in the stock, putting the trigger guard/floor plate in the bottom and installing/torquing the screws.

After sitting the waxed paper cup on the bench my buddy noticed the wax beading up and running down the side of the cup to cool into a wax ring on the bench.  Then he picked the cup up, hollered and dropped the cup.  It was that hot.  I don't know if acraglas still "kicks over" like it did back then or not.

We let it sit over night and it came apart easily the next day.  Cleaned the release compound off the metal, wiped it with an oily cloth, put it all back together and went shooting.  We were stoked!!!  Dime sized 5 shot groups at 150 yds.  By dime sized I mean with a dime laid on the group you could only see a couple small paper tears radiating out from the big hole the 5 little 50 grain Remington bullets made.

Now, one word of warning/experience - it doesn't matter how good the groups are at 150 yds.  If you can't accurately estimate range you are still likely to miss small targets.  My buddy never killed a groundhog.  Took me a bit to figure out what he was doing.  He always, always, over estimated the range and always shot over top of the ground hog.

Now, to the funny story.

A couple years later I still had some of the material from the original kit left.  We were gluing something at the office one night (I can't remember what) and I brought the kit down from my apartment.  I explained to my partner how the stuff worked.  I mixed it up, used some of it to glue something together and told him to watch the wax run off the little was cup.  He was amazed by that.  He was asking how well it held up so I carefully picked the wax cup up and poured some on the bottom of and empty 16 oz. glass Pepsi bottle and set it down on the marble window seal by the window that was behind the Chief's desk and chair.

Well (this happened pretty often) we got a call and took off and forgot about the Pepsi bottle between the call, writing reports when we got back and briefing the guy working the graveyard shift.  We got done and went home to get some sleep.

The next morning I got up and went to classes (worked my way through college) and then got dressed and went to work.  I came in and the Chief was sitting behind his desk and we got to talking about what had gone on since I left around midnight and what might be going on that evening and the Chief stops and looks at me (not saying anything.)  I'm wondering what's going on and he reaches down behind his desk and brings a 16 oz. Pepsi bottle up and sits it on the desk.  Then he looks at me again and says, "Did you leave something for me last night?"  I'm wondering what in the hell he's talking about and had to ask him what he meant (I'd completely forgotten about the Pepsi bottle I'd "acraglassed" to the marble window seal the night before).  He looked at the bottle again and it hit me!!!  THE BOTTLE, THE BOTTLE!!

All I could say was, "Is that the bottle that was on the window seal?"  He got a funny look on his face and said it was and wanted to know if it was meant for him.  That threw me for another loop as I had no idea what he meant.  I had to ask where he was going with that question and told him we'd been fixing something (nope, still can't remember what we used it on) the night before and I'd put the left over acraglass on the bottom of the bottle to show my partner how good it worked.  Then we'd got that call, left the office, and came back busy as could be and just forgot the bottle.

He said that made him feel a little better but told me to never do it again.  I asked, "Why?"  He told me he'd come in that morning, sat down at the desk, got his pistol/belt out of the locked drawer and stood up to put it on.  Then he sat down in his chair, turned his head to look out the window and noticed the bottle.  He stretched backwards, grabbed the bottle and jerked himself and his chair over backwards onto the floor.  Of course he was surprised, then mad as hell.  He jumped up, pulled the chair up and grabbed that bottle.  He said he liked to never got that bottle off the window seal.  Then, the more he thought about it the more he thought someone was messing with him but didn't know who it was, or why.

I told him it was my mistake and that I'd intended to get it off the window seal that night before our shift ended but I'd gotten really busy and forgot about it.

I still think about that today if I see something about acraglas on the internet or see a marble window seal - especially a green one.

If you decide to use a bedding compound, be very careful with the bedding compound and use that release fluid/gel generously.

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  So, if you see me walking the dogs with my SIG 556R, its okay.

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Re: Acraglas (funny) story from the past
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 04:20:11 PM »
Now that's funny - video would have been perfect is if WAS a prank.

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Re: Acraglas (funny) story from the past
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 07:57:30 PM »
Just an FYI...epoxy resin, or polyester resin for that matter, will heat when in a large volume, like in the mixing cup. I've seen them combust. Not so much in a relatively thin layer like when used as bedding.

Better living through chemistry. ;D
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