CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft pistol?

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Is anyone aware of a Airsoft pistol replica of the Shadow 2?
I would love to have one to train indoors for USPSA.

Thank you!

The only airsoft I know of is a lightweight, cheap plastic copy. It's probably not what you are looking for. There are a couple of BB pistols available, one is very nice, if expensive, but I don't recommend steel BB's for indoors, as they tend to ricochet  too much, even with a trap. BB's are strictly for outdoors. There IS a lead pellet firing, CO2, blow back action copy of the P09, which is very similar to the Shadow. With a trap, lead pellets are safe to fire indoors. Of course, being plastic, it is a lot lighter than a Shadow.

Atomic Punk:
I found the softer recoil of the airsoft led to me getting sloppy on my grip.

That is why I combine both air gun gun with regular range time. I do engagement training with the air gun, along with an hour or so on the range a couple of times a month. Air guns will help you build skill, range time makes sure it is properly applied.

I have an SP01 Shadow airsoft. Feel and control are identical to my competition one but super light in weight comparison. Shoot really well at abot 10 yards and ok out a bit more. I use the mini airsoft paintballs and a block wall for practice. Purchased through Amazon at about $100.

They dont seem to carry the better quality ones anymore (maybe Pyramyd Air) but a search of Amazon for Airsoft CZ shows some decent ASG guns.


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