Author Topic: Another outing with the Ruger PCC 9mm  (Read 285 times)

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Another outing with the Ruger PCC 9mm
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:26:06 PM »
Remembered Chronograph and suppressor, forgot phone and camera. Went into work at 2am on an emergency call in wrapped up at 930 and took the rest of the day off.

What a difference using good quality 147gr ammo. The groups at 25 and 50 yards with Browning 147gr FMJ and Winchester 147gr Training ammo were basically the same as the 124gr stuff I shot over the weekend. Sig V-Crown 147gr JHP shot slightly smaller groups. Buffalo Bore 147gr 147gr +P+ JHP was good too. With my Octane 9 the Point of impact changed a lot with the Buffalo Bore and Winchester ammo. No significant change using the Browning or Sig ammo.

Now for some useless but important information: Chrono readings from my G19 vs the PCC.

All are 5 shot averages.

Browning 147gr G19: 992fps PCC: 1003fps
Winchester 147gr Training G19: 933fps  PCC: 958fps
Sig V-Crown G19: 974fps PCC: 993fps
Buffalo Bore 147gr +P+ G19: 1168fps PCC: 1259fps

Chrono'ed the last of my Fiocchi 158gr FMJ  G19: 722fps  PCC: 643fps I can see why this ammo drops so fast at 50 yards. It was the most quiet when using my suppressor. I tried to hit a 100 yard 12 inch gong, I had to hold well over the target and lob the bullet in.

The Freedom Munitions 147gr fmj ammo was all over the place in velocity, low was 783fps fastest was 997fps. It's very obvious why my accuracy was so bad.

The Buffalo Bore ammo was supersonic and it showed when shooting suppressed, I heard a crack on every shot.

I think for general and defensive use I'll use 124gr ammo. The most accurate and consistent velocity ammo was Remington's 124gr +P Golden Sabre. It shoots very well in my G19, Beretta M9A1G, Beretta Centurion Tactical, CZ 75B Omega, CZ P01, and the Ruger PCC. Next choice and only based on the much higher cost is Speer 124gr +P LE Gold Dots. Just as accurate and consistent, but costs about 35% more for 50 rounds.

Shooting at a 100 yard 12 inch gong, once I figured out hold over, I was able to get 80% or a little better hits with 124gr and 147gr ammo from the PCC. I was doing all of my shooting with a Holosun HS503FL Circle Dot sight with a 65MOA ring and 2MOA dot.