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Effective Light Mounting Solution
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:09:02 PM »
Here is a no-frills, innovative and cost effective way to have a long gun light on your BREN.

Parts used:

Streamlight HL-X Long Gun Light Kit
Magpul Rail Light Mount (I used the right hand variant for a proper left side cantilever mounting...I am a lefty...if you are a need the left side mount to cantilever on the right)

Total investment $130 bucks.

I went with the Streamlight due to great reviews online, great power, great range...and its is NOT as tanky as a Surefire...but mounting it on the Magpul's polymer light mount should provide extra protection against hard surfaces if dropped.

You do have to flip your front sight around for an extra 1.5" of rail room for the pressure switch...I actually find it more useful to have the front sight this way as I can purchase the front slight better for deployment.

The magpul light mount screws are smooth...since the BREN has deep rail can route the pressure switch wire underneath the mount...I then ziptied the extra wire to the flash light body.

In case you need to switch out batteries...the zip tie is easily removed for access.

Magpul's mount has a slight inward angle so the light lines up perfectly center with your barrel...the way it is mounted...the flashlight is also somewhat more protected from snap points, gas and other elements.

Minimal snag points.