Author Topic: What weapon mounted light did you choose and how did you mount it?  (Read 466 times)

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I'm thinking of a IWC Thorntail mount with a surefire scout series light. It'd be set on the left because I set my charging handle to the right as I chewed up my knuckle charging the rifle with my Aimpoint PRO knob.

Pics would be appreciated!

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What weapon mounted light did you choose and how did you mount it?
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I just went through this. I upgrade my side panels to Midwest industries mlok ones with a built in QD cup, mounted an aluminum 7 slot rail and then when installed a Haley Stratrgic model Inforce light at 9 o’clock. I haven’t shot it yet but I can see that due to the short fore end, there isn’t much room for my hand. Overall, I think this will likely be an issue for most unless you go with a 10-2 location and tape switch. I might have to look at offset mounts and a different light.

If you google it, you’ll see far more images than this forum will provide.

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I added the KNS precision picatiny rails, then used a Haley Strategic SBR mount with a Streamlight Protac 2 (I’m pretty sure its a 2), and mounted the light on the ejection side top corner then added the pressure switch to the rail behind the sight.

I’m not sure if I can post pictures yet (Hopefully I can post links), but link to pictures:

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Me cheap. Me have Surefire G2 Nitrolon in cheap WalMart $25 flashlight mount left side next to VFG. It works.

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Used what I had in my Insight Tech M6x with a pressure switch (on other side rail) mounted on a 90 degree offset mount on the side rail. Haven't tried firing it with the light/laser combo mounted but the laser should hold zero.

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My favorite rail mount light for HD needs is the streamlight rail mount 1.  CR123A or AA battery and comes in package w/ pressure switch, etc, for around $100.  I see no need for more lumens indoors or w/in 100 yards or so outdoors, including w/ red or green light filters on the light.

I'd go w/ Mlok rail panels and then one of the Mlok 45* scout mounts and mount on side opposite strong hand.  I like the pressure switch at 12-2:30 oclock near support hand thumb.

The route here puts light in similar position, but puts pressure switch to support hand fingers: