Author Topic: Where would be a good place to look for a CZ 52? What should I be aware of?  (Read 352 times)

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I realized after seeing my 6 CZs laid out, I am a CZ guy (the first step is acceptance, right?!?).  So I've decided to find me a CZ 52.

Where would be a good place to find one of these babies?  Anything I should look for, or be aware of?  I'm a newbie here.

What about ammo?  Is the 7.62x25 easy enough to find?

Anything else I should know?

Thanks!!   :)

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probably the easiest place to find one is GunBroker. I bought mine there not long after getting a Type03 FFL (Collector of Curios and Relics), which allowed the seller to ship it directly to me.

Both PPU and S&B make 7.62x25 mm Tokarev ammo.
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I have one that I intend to sell. I can't post it in classifieds until I have 25 posts if I understand the rules correct. It is an interesting pistol. I actually bought mine on armslist from a premium vendor that shipped to my FFL. As far as ammo,  In addition to those noted by eastman, I have also bought and ran a few hundred rounds of this surplus with no problems.
I have been snooping at the prices to see what I can expect to sell mine for. pricing seems to be all over, but I think you can probably nab one on a penny start no reserve auction for about 275- 325. Just my opinion. Good luck and Happy Hunting !

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There seem to always be a few on armslist tempting me. Might want to check there as well as your fellow forum members.

tbeen - what's your shooting experience like? I don't see ammo as a problem these days and it looks like a lot of fun on video, anyway.

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Ammo for the CZ 52 can be bought online.  I've also found it at gun shows and a few gun stores out in the "sticks" (R&M - Victoria, TX has a good supply of the older European caliber ammo--tell them I sent you!).
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