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CZ-52 loose breech
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:09:02 PM »
Hello all.  I have a question pertaining to loose breech, as demonstrated/discussed at the following two sites:


I have experimented with two CZ-52's, both of which were purchased a few years back from Czechpoint as "unissued" guns.  Both appeared unissued when received.  Testing both, I found that both demonstrated loose breech as seen in the above linked video.  I purchased some Harrington rollers and an unissued barrel and installed them into one, and found that the loose breech still existed.  Both of the pistols have been shot (though admittedly only a small amount, probably less than 500 rounds altogether) and haven't shown any signs of problems.  My questions are: 

1.  Is this an actual problem?  A poster in the above lined discussion topic seems to suggest that it is a common  condition.
2.  If replacing the barrel and rollers doesn't correct the issue, it would seem that the only other solution would be to replace the slide, unless I am missing something obvious.  Is this correct?