Author Topic: Hate to ask about another site but.......  (Read 2443 times)

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Re: Hate to ask about another site but.......
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2018, 10:58:43 PM »
I had issues over there at first. My account was actually deleted after a day. It?s an awesome forum with a ton of great info.

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Re: Hate to ask about another site but.......
« Reply #16 on: September 29, 2018, 12:12:27 PM »
So I checked my email again this morning.  Nothing from RFC.

After reading through numerous posts about potential new members not receiving activation emails I am giving up on them.  It seems this has been a frequent problem for at least the last two months.  It also seems they are having problems with long-term members upgrading their accounts or renewing already upgraded accounts going back to early July. 

It's a shame because I have heard the CZ section over there is very good and I'm sure there are some really smart and friendly folks over there.  But, not being able to to get a simple email sent after hitting the "re-send" button three different days is telling.  In contrast, when I registered here I opened a new tab and checked my email for the activation link, and it was already there. Took me less than five minutes.

I'll probably keep lurking over there as a guest and keep my eye on their support forums, but I'm not going to pursue being a member.  If I see posts in the support forums explaining the problems and how they have been fixed them maybe.  I haven't closed the door to RFC completely, but for the time being, I'll only be looking in through the windows.

For those of you that are members at RFC, please don't take this as a slam against the other members or mods over there. It's not meant to be. The site (not the forums) seems to be a little disorganized right now and issues seem like they are being addressed reactively rather than proactively.   

It's disheartening.


I had the same problem. Never received the email. But I tried to sign in with my registered credentials after a few days, and it worked.

You should try to sign in.

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Re: Hate to ask about another site but.......
« Reply #17 on: September 29, 2018, 01:44:46 PM »
I'm a member there, but tend not to ask questions there.  I also haven't visited in a while either.  Last time I posted a question asking about what kind of accuracy that I should expect from shortening my barrel down to 12.5" got some really weird responses.

There were a few genuinely good replies that were trying to be helpful, but, some were just really far out there. 

Telling me to slug the whole barrel and to try to find the tight spot in the barrel and cut it there (so the tight spot in the muzzle would act in a similar fashion as a full choke in a shotgun) and even one guy telling me that he had a barrel shortened down to 1 inch long and it would shoot 1 moa at 100 yards, and another telling me it was illegal to do even while welding and pinning a barrel extension on it.  After that, I lost interest with all the foolishness.  If I wanted to read stupid stuff, I'd go read stuff on cnn website.

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Re: Hate to ask about another site but.......
« Reply #18 on: September 29, 2018, 02:06:33 PM »
I'm a member there, but signed up long before Vertical Scope bought the site.

They're having all kinds of issues. Good luck.
I have been a member there for years, and have received an enormous amount of info on CZ rimfire s. Would you please elaborate on what kind of issues you are talking about.
As have I.

Since Vertical Scope bought the forum members can't upgrade memberships, they have been having issues processing online payments, and some members have lost their 'Team' benefits for no apparent reason. There are threads in the announcement section.

I'm not saying that the CZ section is lacking any amount of support, or info for our rimfires. It's still a wealth of good info if you know who to listen to.
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