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"Quick, boy, here's a guinea, run to the market and buy me a CZ!"

Wait, that may NOT have been how Dickens wrote it....

Welcome to the annual CZ Forum Christmas Gift Giving! This is when sponsors, members and a few random guys named Daryl get involved putting presetns under the virtual digital Christmas tree....where did I leave it from last year? Nope, not under there...nope, that's not it, oh YEAH!


We already have a few presents under the tree!

CGW always seems to have the biggest box.  ;D

BUT, we already know what is in the CZ box! Would you like to know?

I knew you did...

Yep. Whichever one you want, P-10 F, P-10 C, or P-10 S. Optics ready or not. You MIGHT have to wait a little bit for certain configurations! But you MIGHT win a new gun before your local gun shop can order it. ;) Nothing like being the first one on your block! Ships directly from CZ-USA to the FFL of your choice!


CZ Custom has a brand new CZ P-10C Fiber optic front sight set!

Oops, looks like there's more coming from CZC! Looks like two range bags and maybe some tools coming this way, updates to follow...


Remember the guys named Daryl?

Ok, remember this t-shirt?

We have FOUR of them for you, various sizes, first winners on down pick sizes. :D Ah, the pictured P-10Cs are NOT included, sorry.

Next, two MYSTERY CZ shirts. That's right, you have NO idea what it is except it relates to CZ and the size might fit, might not. Ain't I ah stinkah ?! One of the mystery shirts will also get the weirdest key chain I ever found, perfect for that key you keep misplacing, the back gate, the shed, whatever. Not CZ...but interesting nonetheless.


You know the P-07 guys and gals have been feeling left out? Well, lets change that! From Czech do you say Daryl in Czech?  :o
Well, I guess that isn't important but this is - a Czech dual retention holster for the P-07! This would be hard to come by over here! Nylon and polymer, this is really neat!


What IS Cajun Gun Works up to? We don't know yet....but we will...
Now we know WHAT is in the Cajun Gun Works box, and WOW! How about parts gift certificates? Not little ones, but 3 BIG ones, two certificates for $200 EACH, and one for $100! You can get a lot of CGW goodness shipped right to you home for that! Way to go CGW!!!


huskerlrrp has graciously donated a set of VZ grips for a CZ-75! These are new and look great!


Another gift arrives, a single CZ 75 16 round magazine factory new from CZ-USA in the blisterpack. Again, cannot be shipped where prohibited.

 From eastman!
From today's demo event, I have some prizes to add to this year's drawing.

First Place - A CZ baseball cap and a Dan Wesson baseball cap (there will be choices of style for each)

Second Place - one baseball cap (CZ or DW) based on the styles left after the First Place Winner makes their selection.

(the hats left will be reserved for the Independence Day 2019 drawing)
Yay, thank you!


Do you love great reading? If so, then two people are going to love this one, not one copy but TWO lucky gift getters will enjoy reading this excellent book about the history of BRNO, courtesy of our member Earl Keese!

"This illustrated history of Zbrojovka Brno is the account of an Austro-Hungarian arsenal that became one of the world?s most successful arms manufacturers between the two World Wars."



Oh, yeah! One of our old favorite friends is kicking it up a notch!

Not completely sure what it is yet, but I know it's gonna be YOUR choice!


Another set of gifts, and they are they same, but not from the same person! What is that? LOK grips is donating a set of custom grips for anything they make grips for! What is even MORE incrediawesome is they aren't ,(YET), official sponsors here! Gonna have to make that change. ;)  [TV Infomercial Voice] But wait, there's more![/TV Infomercial Voice] Recoilguy is ALSO donating a set of LOK grips, and flavor the winner wants. The winners will contact me for the specifics to get their grips made. ;)


mrcabinet would like to throw in a reloader special, two bags with roughly 200 pieces of unprocessed 5.56/.223 brass, thank you!


cntrydawg says the following...

Mr. A, please add 3 more gifts for under the tree.??

1- Hoppes .9mm boresnake
1- Hoppes .22 boresnake
1- Shadow 2 gun cleaning mat

Now that's the spirit! Thank you!


And again we have not one but TWO one year NRA memberships!


357MAGNOLE says, "I have a set of the Dawson sights offered by CGW for a P10C. I had them on the gun for a single range trip and swapped them out. They have marks from the provided by Dawson aluminum bar they where tapped out with but otherwise in perfect shape with the extra fiber." Wel, now that sounds might fine, too! Thank you!


Dare we? Can we? Add one more at this late date? WHY NOT!?!?

From a mysterious donor comes a set of take off SP-01 night sights in outstanding condition, perfect for awho just don't have any!


Do you know how to get in?

Ah, I thought you might like to know! Just type in "enter me, please" below. Is that simple. Isn't that cool?
Now for the legalese...I hate lawyers, didja know that?  :-\

Entries must be electronically postmarked by 00:00 morning December 25th, i.s., the end of Christmas Eve, to qualify. Winners will be blind drawn by physical slips of paper drawn out of the CZ Hat of Goodness by Mrs Armoredman - no, she is NOT available for bribe. All members in good standing are eligible for all non firearm gifts. Members with over 1 year membership and at least 100 posts, (NOT 100 copies of "Welcome!" in New Members, I'll be checking!), are eligible for firearm gifts. Firearms will be shipped directly to the winning member's Federal Firearm Licensee of choice. Member must be legally able to receive and possess a firearm in his/her location/political subdivision. Winners in a locale that restrict magazine capacity may receive a firearm with no magazine to meet local laws, at the discretion of CZ-USA. Chances are you'll get the right mag, but gotta say this to keep the blood, I mean "lawyers" happy...Firearms and firearm parts cannot be shipped outside of the 50 United States. Winners outside the 50 United States ARE eligible for all non firearms/firearm parts gifts and I will do everything I can to make sure you get your stuff! Winners have 2 calendar weeks to claim their gift via private message on this board,, to armoredman with shipping address. Firearms winners are also required to supply pysical address, telephone number and fax number of chosen FFL - if it's something they never seen before, charge THEM for the privilege of handling it! Just kidding...Gifts unclaimed or rejected, (Why get a size M t-shirt if you are like me, a XXXL?), will be either be redrawn or added to the following year gift pile solely at Administrative discretion, i.e., me.
I think I covered it all. I probably missed something the size of a dump truck. Oh well, it's Christmas, you don't sue me and I won't sue you.

One last video from my girls at Celtic Woman to remind us of the season we are enjoying.

A brief reminder, ladies and gentlemen, our sponsors are providing these gifts out of their own pocket. Please reciprocate by perusing their wares - they have NICE stuff! 8)

All names picked - see page 13!
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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me, please! 8)
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"I say, young man, what day is it?"
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?Enter me, please?
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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me, please!

Thank you for putting this together and thank you to all our sponsors who help contribute!!!
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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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enter me, please

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me, please

Appreciate the work behind the scenes to make this event happen!!!

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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enter me, please
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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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?Enter me please?

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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enter me, please

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter Me Please.

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me, please.

Thank you!

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me, in the drawing, please.
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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me please

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me please

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all

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Re: "I say, young man, what day is it?"
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Enter me please.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!