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Different guns - different results
« on: February 01, 2019, 04:46:58 PM »
Yesterday took my Canik SFX to range and shot it great.

today to RIA ultra tac cs9mm compact 1911 ,which I had just received - couldn't have shot worse. So many high shots couldn't count them!

could difference in triggers be a factor?

Help...all advice badly needed

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Re: Different guns - different results
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2019, 05:55:44 PM »

Have you looked at one of these ?

when it comes to shooing, dont rule out anything.  Suspect everything including YOU.  imho, this is were many people put on blinders. 

i do the KISS principe.

 - do the easy things first like

 - take my time shooting.  single shots, no rapid fire. 

 - Try same ammo in each gun to minimize any variables

 - know thyself.  Did i screw up that shot.  If so, admit it and note it.  Bring a marker with you can mark up your target with notes.  I always have a marker in my ammo can, shooting kit or in anything container i bring for shooting.  If you dont like marking up the front, mark up the back.  just make sure you mark the correct hole.

 - i will also flip the target over so that i dont have a big black dot to cover up/intefere with my black/black sights.  im not young anymore so my eyes arent the best.  Realize that and admit it if you have vision issues.  So what i do is to get some of those 1 inch red/orange dots and put that on the target and "shoot" for that.  Its easier for me to see the red/orange target and my black/black sights.  OR, if if forget them, i will just shoot a "hole" in the target and shoot at it'.  That is if i can see at that distance. 

 - If you are shooting with someone else, have them give it a shot and see how they do.  Or if the guy/gal shooting next to you is doing way better than you, say "hi" explain your problem and see what they can do. 

 - dont forget it can be the gun too, but rule out the other things.  Its not like that all guns are made the same and the sights are all the same.  You will see variation in guns even from the same assembly line.  If the mfg has different sights, maybe 1 or some got mixed in with the others.

others will chime in with their TS ides.

also, fwiw, im not sure if you have any shooting buds, but try to find some.  I get the feeling that many people on here dont have any shooting buds which is a shame since  you can look after each other and have someone to bounce ideas/thoughts off of.