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Re: Help with OAL request
« Reply #15 on: September 30, 2019, 11:04:27 PM »
Hey !! It sounds like you're getting the hang of things.

Some more hints...
Do keep a notebook of your loads. I just get a blank school notebook and reserve a whole page per bullet. Record all the bullet data at the top, and then list all the loads you work up and any data related to using that bullet. Load strings, chrono data, best accuracy results, etc.

• Our testing indicates that an easy way to get accuracy is to use shorter OALs. You want at least 0.200" of bullet seated into the case, and maybe as much as 0.250". So an OAL around 1.130" may get you better results for free.

• Go easy on the case lube. Try not to spray inside the cases. And allow it to sit for awhile before loading.

• On your Seating Die.... that o-ring lock ring should be snug, but still allow you to barely turn the die by hand. Case lube is a great way to not only keep dies from rusting, but also to lubricate dies to allow them to turn smoothly. The dry wax doesn't attract smut like an oil or grease would.

How do you like that Spent Primer set up ?

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