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Howdy and Good Afternoon! 

I'm attempting to find information on a quality shoulder holster for one of my CZs.  I've given this sub-forum a look over and didn't find anything directly on point to the questions I have (apologies in advance if it was right in front of my nose).

Questions Posed:
- What are my options - companies, craftsmen etc. - for a quality shoulder rig?  Please share your personal experiences: what has worked for you and what hasn't?  What do you love/hate about the shoulder rigs you've tried?
- Have any of y'all carried your CZ in single action (or a single action CZ) with a shoulder rig?  I assume the retention strap would (and should) be between the gun and the hammer, when secured in the holster, just like a 1911, yes?
- Would ordering a "full size" 75 shoulder holster (one that would fit my 75 B SA) also properly fit my 75 compact? (Similar to how a Glock 19 holster will fit a Glock 26  without issue).

The Gun Involved:
My Cajunized CZ 75 Compact carried "cocked-and-locked" (i.e. single action) similar to the 1911(s) that I have been carrying for years.

Suit and sport coat carry at work (year round) or, in the winter months, under a heavy jacket.

To date, I couldn't find much in the way of holster manufactures that offer shoulder rigs for the 75/75 compact, let alone any that specifically said it would work with SAO guns or guns carried in SA.  To be fair, I'm not sure that carrying DA/SA vs SAO would make much difference, given that I do not believe the dimensions would change at all with the hammer cocked or down.

I have looked over High Noon's Under Taker and Under Armor, the former of which seems to hit the nail on the head; however, I wanted to see what the community had to say!

Thanks in advance for your consideration and advice!



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I'd take a look at Wright Leather Works Maverick shoulder rig. I've been thinking of the same but for a 1911.

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Not pistol specific at all, but I have carried using an Air Marshal holster from Kangaroo Concealed Carry.  No issues with it and the pistol.  I could never get a spare magazine to stay in the mag. pouch though.  It would work upwards and try to fall out.  The pistol never did that.

Worked fine for me for a couple years.  Then I went to IWB when I retired (and changed my wardrobe/wear to pants with belts and button up shirts left untucked.)
I stopped carrying the SIG 556R.  SIG changed models and couple/three times and stopped supporting it with parts.  So, I stopped supporting SIG.  Back to the tried/true AR15 Carbine.

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I have and use this one from Craft Holsters
It is built perfectly. Its like Borqusia made it.
It is inexpensive particularly when you see the quality of the product.
the thing that I didn't like is it took so long to get it I almost forgot I ordered it.

When it came I was happy I did.

Highly recommended

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I used to use a shoulder rig with 2 mag pouch on the off side for hiking. Used to carry a SW 6906 and was happy to find my PCR and mags fit perfectly. It worked well for me scrambling thru brush and over rocks, but IMO it doesn't conceal very well and it's rather cumbersome to draw/reload from.
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I recently discovered Falco Holsters ( made in of all places Slovakia. They have quite the lineup for CZ pistols.

I recently bought their model 42/22 shoulder holster system, where you choose a holster style, type of carry (horizontal or vertical), type of attachment harness (single shoulder of cross shoulder "Miami Classic" style), and other options.

I configured mine in the design of the Galco "Miami Classic" shoulder rig, with a magazine carrier counter balance. Both the quality of the materials used (you get options from basic to premium grade leather) and craftsmanship are top notch... and they were the only source that I was able to find for a shoulder rig for a compact PCR.