Author Topic: P-10F 100 yards, rest, paper target, best one to date, video  (Read 231 times)

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I struggled with the P-10S first thing this morning, but made up for it with the P-10F. 

Took 20 rounds to get the holdover correct for this altitude compared to my home range.  Only had to knock off about a foot at 100 yards!  So much that I had to tuck the target target under the aim point target. 

The final result is just slightly smaller than my best five shot group with the P-09.  And this group is eight shots.  The first two shots were a little off from the rest, and one of those I called when the striker moved.  Sounds funny to say "striker moved" instead of "hammer dropped". 

I shot 20 more rounds through this gun at swinging steel just for fun.  That video is already up and published.  This one will be available around 5:45 Mountain Daylight Time. 

A good day with the full size polymer service pistol.  A very good day. 


PS--I may not clean it, might ruin it. 
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Re: P-10F 100 yards, rest, paper target, best one to date, video
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Very nice shooting
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