Author Topic: Brief .22 LR MTR rifle ammo test, brief rate of fire test, video, 100 yards  (Read 218 times)

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I'm being very careful with my ammo usage so I tried some Federal Premium Target ammo today in my clean and cool CZ MTR model rifle today.  Not good.  Switched back to the SK Rifle Match ammo that has been shooting well in the rifle and shot several good 10 shot groups at 100 yards.  Here is a 2 minute video, with a lot of dead time between shots removed to make the video less boring.  I hope. 

It might be a few minutes before YouTube finishes processing the file. 

I'm learning that the shooter discipline needed to shoot the little rifle well at 100 yards is similar to that required for shooting a 9mm pistol well at that distance.  When I am sloppy with the sight placement or too aggressive with the trigger, I throw the shots off just a little and the group size grows.  Imagine that!! 

But, if I am very careful, even with what some folks would call "mid-range" ammo, the CZ performs well, shot after shot.  I am becoming more confident in the rifle with every range trip, and I am slowly becoming more competent as a rifle shooter. 

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.22's are "funny" beasts.

Lots of .22's in my family (dad, brothers, sons).  Some like Thunderbolts, some like Winchester Wildcats, some like Federal, some like Rem. Golden Bullets, etc., etc., etc.

Just gotta buy different brands/types of bullets and try them.

But, it's a good thing if you have more than one good brand/bullet type you can be sure works well.  These days you never know when the type you buy all the time suddenly dries up.
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