Author Topic: .45 cal CZ 97B"E" at 100 yard steel this morning in the mountains of New Mexico  (Read 232 times)

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I'm headed back home tomorrow if we don't get snowed in, and I am weary from dealing with wind and paper and group sizes, so I scheduled a fun day today.  Weather was cool but sunny and calm, compared to Tues/Wed/Thur of this week.  Decided to just shoot the hanging steel plate at 100 yards with the 97B"E".  I've done this several times with the 9mm pistols, but this is the first time with the .45.  The results I got on Tuesday in the wind with the 97 were fantastic (for me), so I knew I wouldn't have to mess with anything on the pistol. 

I have a lot to do today besides shoot pistols, so I went about an hour earlier than the 3 previous sessions.  In the winter here, that isn't a good idea, especially with a plastic lens red dot with a black target in the shadows on a sunny day.  But I figured out how to shoot in these conditions, so all is good. 

This was my 4th range visit in four days and I didn't shoot anything but centerfire and only at 100 yards with 4 different pistols, three 9mm and one .45, all CZ's of course.  All full of CGW parts and customized with Sugru and JBWeld.  A good week for an old guy!  I went back and reviewed my Tuesday video of the toughest conditions with the 97 and I think there was a lot of luck involved in shooting that well.  That was one of those sessions that is going to be hard to improve upon in my lifetime. 

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Nice shooting!