Author Topic: Former Green Beret Mike Glover Teaches The Fundamentals Of Single Man CQB  (Read 4658 times)

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Re: Former Green Beret Mike Glover Teaches The Fundamentals Of Single Man CQB
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If someone thinks something is a "miss", the only rational response is to call 911 period.  If something is a "miss" there is NO guarantee one isn't walking into an armed intruder.  Even with real training one man CQB is essentially a nightmare. Talk to a local cop and ask him what he would do if he arrived home to something a "miss". (He'll call it in). In no way shape or form should CQB be treated lightly.  Take a course and get back to me.

Agreed. All too often, I think people naively imagine they are going to grab their gun and "clear their house" when they hear something in the middle of the night, completely under-estimating the number of variables truly involved - for example, you heard a noise - does that mean there is one intruder in our home, or three? What are they armed with? Are they people who already know the layout of your home? The list goes on....

To stress it again - single man CQB is not to be taken lightly, even by highly-trained professionals, much less an inexperienced civilian. And it involves a number of different skills that need to be hard-wired. Unless you have loved ones in other parts of your home, there is nothing else worth dying for. Hunker in place, prepare to defend that space and call 911 asap.

Very few homes, unless custom and security-minded, place the parents bedroom between the children's and all points of entry.  If I though my home had an intrusion, I'd move with my wife to gather my kid and shelter in place.  The movement between our bedroom and child would absolutely apply to what's being taught here. 

And frankly, unless you're stupid wealthy, you're unlikely to face a hostage or body snatcher situation.  Anyone in your home is likely to have their hands filled with your stuff rather than a weapon.  Hell, wait 5 minutes (no one except trained professionals can stay still and silent that long) and if there are no noises, your home likely isn't being burglared, but you should nevertheless confirm, especially if you have kids elsewhere in the house.

There's a wide spectrum between concern and certain you're under threat.  This advice is for the concern end of the spectrum, except for when cops are not available or available timely.  Try living rural with cops 15-45+ minutes out from response...

First off I am NOT here to bust anyone's chops. These are personal decisions (sadly with potentially lives on the line).  I have been thru multiple live fire CQB courses offered to MIL/LE.  And there is a whole host of considerations. First off none of us know what we don't know, and in say Golf that isn't likely to get anyone killed.  The courses *I* take have a few things in common. NOTHING IS ASSUMED OR TAKEN FOR GRANTED - EVER.  It is also a bad idea to enter any situation with a preconceived idea.  I take your points and yes, there is logic behind all of it however (there is always an however).  Yes, living in the middle of no where changes the criteria, cops being long X minutes away does indeed have to be factored in. One of the wild cards that LE (and MIL to a minimal point) have to deal with is drugs.  So you live in Nebraska and the closest neighbor is 10 miles away.  The however here is that neighbor includes a person old enough to be on some manner of significant drugs - not weed.  He gets into the truck or hell even on the ol' John Deer and gets to your location where your 15 and 11 year old children are and you KNOW he is in there and you hear your children screaming.  Even if you wanted to I can't imagine a parent being able to wait over 30 minutes for the cops to arrive.  You are pretty much going to have to go you literally have 4 lives on the line - ALL 4 of you could be dead in the next 20 minutes.  So lets agree it all goes as planned and you get shot(s) into him before he gets shots off (so far) and the children run free.  If he is on the "right" drugs it could take a magazine and a half to literally stop him. He may not even know he is shot on the first 4-6 rounds.  Even for CQB trained LE that is going to be a very nerve racking affair. The only way it is not going to be for an untrained civilian is if they simply aren't bright enough to understand what they have gotten themselves into.

Conversely you live in the city (why I'd never know but hey - to each his own) and you KNOW there is someone in the house and you also know none of the residents are in the house.  Sit in your car, call the cops and get out the popcorn......

Seriously trained long term swat folks still make mistakes when they go in.....MISTAKES, as in there are ways to do things that minimized getting anyone killed.
I am just trying to break down any assumptions that this is anything other than extra ordinarily dangerous.

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Another former GB and now firearms trainer, Kawa Mawlayee, is offering a solo CQB course -- apparently, these pros think there might be something to it and a need for it:

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Sad thing now is breach and hold tactics by swat due to officers getting shot on raids. Have no desire to go back to the team when there is nothing but standing around waiting for the bad guy to plan and adjust. Hit the door then step back and try to call them out. Go in with robot to get a look. Find another room then take that and repeat. Very slow and reactive to what is inside. Element of surprise is gone, shock and awe out the door, move with purpose forget it. One man search is very dangerous and you have to realize that 2 man entries allow you some rear protection when coming into a room but is still not ideal as there is no rear guard for the hallway. We are really not supposed to do building searches with one deputy on alarms with open doors. Couldn't tell you how many times I have done it. Most are just false alarms but you never know.
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