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Good morning everyone,

I have recently purchased a Synthetic American 457 with the suppressor ready barrel with the intention of setting the rifle up for the 2 games I can find locally, NRL 22 base class and CMP Rimfire sporter. I am not a “buy once, cry once,” guy as I like to tinker and I recognize that things will change as I understand the rules better. I have an area 419 picatinny rail coming and the reason I went for the particular model rifle is that the MSRP limit for base class will let me get a vortex venom 6-25x56  scope. I have a fixed 6x scope for the CMP game. I have a yodave trigger spring kit coming. Until I start competing, this is where I want to stop with extra goodies but I will need a bipod for ammo testing. I do not have any experience with bipods, how to mount the,  excetera. I am thinking a bipod that will attach to the sling swivel for now, unless you all think I should just mount an arca rail and be done with it. This puts me into a different (Boyd’s) stock for the CMP game which I would like to avoid for now. What are your recommendations?