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RAnge trip, 11/17/23
« on: November 18, 2023, 10:39:10 AM »
Me, my wife and four pistols went to the range yesterday.

Range was about 8 yds.  Maybe just bit further.

M&P .22, 9MM Equalizer, 2.0 5" .40 S&W and a CZ P07 .40.

Ammo in the .22 was Remington Golden Bullets.  Ammo in the Equalizer was Federal 115 grain FMJ.  Ammo in the two .40's was my 135 grain Nosler hollow points sitting on a compressed charge of Blue Dot powder and Missouri Bullet Co. 140 grain LFN bullets sitting on a charge of Herco powder.

The idea of the M&P .22 was to get my wife to shoot a gun that has all the same controls/mode of operation as the Equalizer.  She was not impressed with the groups and asked me to shoot it.  Nope.  Not impressed at all even if I was shooting faster than I normally would.  That pistol definitely doesn't care for the Golden Bullets.  Have to dig something else out of the cans/shelves before the next trip.  No targets saved.  Who wants to see ugly?

Next up was my wife shooting the Federal 115 grain FMJ in her Equalizer.  She didn't like that either.   Meaning the groups didn't impress her.  I need to shoot the Federal stuff in it and see how it does.  If she doesn't do well with a gun she just puts it down and want to shoot something else.  I should have had her shoot her Shield 9MM as she does well with it and likes it.  Didn't think of it at the time.

The 2.0 5" M&P .40 with the KKM barrel does well with the 135 grain Nosler hollow points and the MBC 140 grain LFN reloads.  That's good as I've got a lot of both loaded up and it's common to what works well in the CZ .40's. 

135 grain Noslers.  You can see the .22 holes all over the target as well.

The 140 grain LFN.  I knew that low shot was out when the gun went off.

My wife's good group with the 2.0 .40 and the 140 grain LFN reloads.

I shot a couple groups with the P07 .40 to compare and neither was what I expected based on past shooting.  I took pictures of the targets but the 2.0 M&P .40 did just as well as the P07.  The P07 groups tell me yesterday was not as good as I can be so that shows me the big M&P is capable of even better groups than I did with it at the time.  A good thing I think.  The more I shoot the 5" .40 with the KKM barrel the more I like it.

Here's a picture of the old CZ P07 DUTY .40 S&W.  Been carrying that one for about 12 years now.

One other thing.  The more I shoot the pistols with the bigger Holosun's the more I like the smaller ones.  The green "dot" on the 2.0 .40 is nothing close to a dot.  No matter how I turn/twist my head to look through a different section of my glasses there is no "dot."  Just a squirrely mess of green smear/spots.  The small Holosuns on the Shields are nice round dots.  They're bigger, but nice and round and they look like dots. Joe suggested I should try cleaning the front of the emitter to see if there was dust/lint on in and I cleaned it and the lens last night.  No improvement using a q-tip and lens cleaning solution (the lens looks great, the dot is still not a dot).

Not saying that's why I'm not shooting the groups I want, just saying it bothers me they are different.

Anyway, good day at the range with my wife.  Good way to spend time together.
I just keep wasting time and money on other brands trying to find/make one shoot like my P07 and P09.  What is wrong with me?

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Re: RAnge trip, 11/17/23
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2023, 03:27:18 PM »
Good Shooting!  8) Glad that You, Your Wife, and the Pistols, had a good day at the Range!  :)
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Re: RAnge trip, 11/17/23
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2023, 06:47:59 AM »
Good to see a range report and some targets, even on a so-so day for the shooter. 

We've had rain and trips and company here for the last few weeks so the only thing I've shot is video of the grand kids and more video of my neighbors new puppy.  Both are as challenging as a 9mm at 100 yards and sometimes as loud. 

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