Author Topic: CZ-UB Introduces new CZ 200  (Read 8911 times)

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CZ-UB Introduces new CZ 200
« on: July 20, 2009, 07:52:30 AM »
I'm not much into air rifles, but I just received this from CZ-UB.  They could use a better English translator, but you'll get the point

CZ 200 S FS Colour [16.7.2009]

?esk? zbrojovka answered wishes of its customers and has launched on the market the first PCP weapon of the Colour line. The weapon in question is well known and very popular CZ 200 S FS Colour pre-charged pneumatic in 4,5 mm (.177) cal. The full-colour stock made from laminated wood in a new and dynamic design is intended for any group of sport shooting interests. Presented model is based on much-favoured full stock version while retaining all excellent features of the basic version. In order to provide a more of shooting comfort is this model outfitted with 4x32 riflescope having option of additional distance correction after sighting-in of the weapon. The package also includes filling adapter and pressure container discharge unit. Basic dimensions of this weapon of such a fancy appearance are 907x185x55 mm, the barrel length is 485 mm and weight 2900 grams. These weapons the muzzle energy of which could be set up to 16 J are characterized with an excellent accuracy, consistence of projectile velocities, and minimum of felt recoil. Such properties are very much appreciated by experienced as well as young and fledgling shooters.

These PCP air rifles are also offered with a vast array of accessories including 5 shots feeding mechanism or 10 shots disc magazine. For the shooters where there is no possibility for regular filling of containers with compressed air we offer option of after-sales market for spare air pressure container or hand pump, which could be used to top up the compressed air even at places where no source of energy is available.


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Re: CZ-UB Introduces new CZ 200
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 11:27:24 AM »
CZ really doesn't make air guns. It will be something like a rebranded Turkish Hatsan or an English Air Arms rifle.

The new Benjamin Marauders have basically taken over the American PCP air rifle market. I have a BSA Lonestar in .25 cal, but the Marauder is a better deal and I would have bought it instead if it were available at the time.

The Benjamin Marauder in a license built English Theoben design. Very, very high end English manufacturer, makes ome of the best air rifles in the world. It would easily cost twice the price if made in England instead of the USA. It compares in accuracy to Swedish FX airguns with Walther barrels that cost over twice as much, per owners of both brands.

While I like CZ firearms, if you live in the USA then Benjamin should be your air rifle company if you want VERY high value at a reasonable price, just like in CZ firearms. The Czech JSB pellets are the best, followed by Crosman Premier, H&N, and some of the Benjamin pellets. Stay away from what hangs on the racks at Wal-Mart, Cabela's, most local shops, etc.

I shoot prairie dogs out to 100 yards with my BSA Lonestar .25 cal, so I would know an accurate rifle and pellet from an inaccurate one. My rifle charges to 3400 PSI with a Swedish FX pump, so it makes major power, the same killing power as a .22LR, which per the BSA website it was specifically designed to compete against. Knockdown power on varmints is way beyond the foot pound rating, mainly due to the larger caliber and softer pellet compared to .22LR.

The fanciest air rifles out there with the most features such as semi-auto operation and variable power will be FX of Sweden or one of the English high end brands.....all with 4-figure prices. A Daystate costs up towards $3000 for their best models.

A .357 Benjamin Rogue has variable electronically controlled power and hits as hard as a .38 Special pistol. It was specifically designed for hunting bigger game like coyotes. 250 FPE is nothing to laugh at in an air rifle. Nosler makes special bullerts for it, but the cheaper route is to use lead pistol bullets. It is also a suppressed weapon with no permit required in the USA as it is not a firearm. Benjamin is backordered on them at $1300, which is no surprise. You can buy English for more money and get less product if you prefer. They have a new .303 cal air rifle that hits hard.
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Re: CZ-UB Introduces new CZ 200
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2013, 11:18:05 AM »
The CZ 200 is not from Turkey or the UK.  The Air Arms 200 from the UK has prominent markings showing it as a rebranded CZ product.  The CZ 200 started as a low cost 10m competition gun.  It's main proponents are an excellent trigger and barrel.  It's design starting as a 550fps 7ftlb gun limits it top end to under 20ftlbs but they make great 12ftlp hunters or general purpose use.