Author Topic: testing Slavia 631 Lux over chrono  (Read 5362 times)

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testing Slavia 631 Lux over chrono
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:09:10 AM »
i bought myself a pro chrono digital for developing ammo for 9mm luger.  today i decided to shoot some pellets over it with my Slavia 631 Lux.

here are some results:
(there is no weight indication on the tins so i weighed the pellets on my digital scale).
diabolo standard (7.5gr) 10 shots.  highest 575 fps lowest 554 fps. average speed 562 fps.

diabolo extra heavy (11.2gr) 10 shots. highest 381fps lowest 372fps. average speed 376 fps.

has anyone else tested their standard Slavia Lux over a chronograph and what were the results?  it would be interesting to compare results.
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