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Welcome message, Mission, Donations & Giveaways
« on: April 16, 2012, 02:54:29 PM »
First thing, welcome to CZ Forum at, and thank you! We are a website dedicated to the study and discussion of firearms made by Czeska Zbrojovka in Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic, clones of CZs, other firearm related topics to include accessories, ammunition, reloading/handloading, limited political discussion directly related to firearms rights, and classifieds sections for members to buy and trade their personal items within the strict letter of the law.

We do not espouse or denigrate religious beliefs, practices or anything else relating to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, "race, religion, color, creed or sex", although we have a nice Ladies Forum moderated by my loving bride. If you wish to come here to discuss things like racial prejudice, holy wars, revolution or any other non firearm based or illegal activities, please continue searching the web until you find the forum you are looking for. We also do not allow foul language or any topic/discussions I would worry about my son reading - this is a family board, and we would like to keep it this way.

All in all, not a difficult request, so please look around and welcome again!

Donations are always accepted, but NEVER required to be a member here. If you would like to assist with our household bills, we sincerely appreciate it, and we accept personal checks and money orders to the following address:

David Esch
1735 N Thornton Rd
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Sorry, the bank wouldn't let me use the forum name this time. Spoilsports.

We do not use PayPal, Venmo, Zelle for various reasons, sorry.

CZ Forum is not a business, but a private non-business venture, our living room as it were. Donations to CZ Forum, whether in the form of money or items for giveaway, are an irrevocable gift to CZ Forum administrators, and will be used to cover forum and other related expenses, including but not limited to; shipping, purchase of items for giveaway, gas to GET there (we live in the middle of nowhere), etc.

Gifts and donations to CZ Forum are NOT tax deductible simply because CZ Forum is not a tax deductible entity. Gifts and donations are not now, nor will they ever be, a pre-requisite to join or remain a member of CZ Forum. There are no dues. Please don't ever feel you HAVE to give, but donations of any size are always welcome and gratefully appreciated.

Also, member information such as shipping addresses and/or e-mail addresses will not be sold, traded, bartered, given or otherwise distributed to any entity other than UPS or USPS for shipping purposes without express direction from the affected member (i.e. "Can you give my address to High Noon Holster for a catalog?" or such). You will never receive spam or unwanted solicitations outside of the board, and those as rarely as we can manage!

My favorite thing to do here! We often get promotional materials from sponsors, or occasionally we have an excess of donations over and above costs, and can purchase items for giveaway. One question asked is "How long do I have to be a member before qualifying for a giveaway?" Generally, the answer is, you qualify by being here. There have been times when we had very expensive items donated or purchased for giveaways that we have restricted. Generally those items are far and few between, and the restriction is usually 100 posts and 1 year membership. This is simply to ensure the really good stuff generally goes to an active participating member, not a drive-by poster. Of course, all firearms given away will be transferred to an FFL in the area of the winner to be picked up in full compliance with all national, state and local laws and ordinances. So, if we are giving away something that is not legal in your area, please refrain from entering, or move to AZ, lots of room, would love to have you, great gun laws. No firearms can be sent out of country, ever. Non restricted items such as hats, t-shirts, etc., may or may not be available to members outside of the US depending on who is doing the shipping - check the opening post of any giveaway for more info.

If you have questions or comments you would like to leave for staff, feel free to PM Mrs. Armoredman, Wobbly, Grendel or me with any concerns you may have.

Thanks for dropping in! 8)
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Re: Member information, how to donate, Mission statement, and giveaways
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 03:00:38 PM »
Some further thoughts for those wonderful folks who choose to contribute and keep the Forums alive and well:

1) Please be patient if you find your check has not been processed. Sometimes it takes us a bit to get by the PO.

2) Please include your Forum Username, so the moderators & admins can thank you for your gifts. While we don't publicly announce individual contributions, we would still like to say thanks!

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