Author Topic: Suppressing the Skorpion the original (Euro) way, not thread-on. (pics)  (Read 17525 times)

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Okay, I lied- I'll give you links to pics instead of pics.  No need to screw over Gunboards' bandwidth.

I want to suppress my soon-to-arrive vz.61 SBR, but the barrel threading seems problematic.  I remembered that odd ring on the barrel and recalled a VERY grainy photo of a suppressed Skorpion that was taken from a captured Soviet-bloc agent in the 1960s.  So I started Googling and hit paydirt.

This first one is a post made by a Swiss national with an original select-fire Skorpion and an original factory suppressor.  It's not the most detailed photo, but it gives a basic idea of how the factory suppressor mates to the Skorp's barrel.

I'm very envious and would love to have an original leather suppressor pouch!

Interesting system for the suppressor to mate to the barrel- looks like it slides right over and you twist the fat knurled endcap to tighten a collet around the barrel to lock the suppressor in place.

This second post is even more interesting.  The same Swiss owner posts some pretty decent photos of the disassembled suppressor AND multiple drawings giving dimensions.  In some ways, the suppressor is much simpler than other US designs- far fewer baffles and far simpler baffle design.  Yet it's also more complex with the collet mounting system and everything looks machined versus stamped.  (Standard overbuilding for com bloc designs.)  It's interesting that the suppressor is aluminum- I would have expected steel.

I might file a Form 1 to build my own copy of an original Czech suppressor.  While I'd love to own an original, the few that are here are probably ridiculously expensive.  (I'm a SOT, so the pre-sample type restrictions aren't a concern.)  Unfortunately, it'd be a dedicated one-gun-only can; I don't know of any other firearm that uses a collet mounting system, much less one in 7.65 Br / .32 acp.  That may be enough for me to make the can "properly" plus an additional threaded endcap for use elsewhere.

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Re: Suppressing the Skorpion the original (Euro) way, not thread-on. (pics)
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Make a run and I am in for one.

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Re: Suppressing the Skorpion the original (Euro) way, not thread-on. (pics)
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lolz the 120 day warning... so,  i threaded my skorp 7/16-28.  no other mounts are really readily available.  stumbled across this post.... any development or pics on this?