Author Topic: Emergency Body Armor by Phalanx Defense Systems - Meets & Exceeds NIJ Level IIIA  (Read 5153 times)

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Emergency Body Armor (EBA) is the first of its kind ambidextrous ballistic panel system.  EBA has multiple configurations, which allows it to be deployed using various methods, in various situations. A single EBA can suit many of today‚Äôs unfortunate situations where one may need body armor. From a soft shield to a ballistic vest, EBA has you covered. EBA is a unique, patent-pending blend of ballistic materials that not only capture a projectile but also disperse the energy of the projectile over the entire surface of the panel. This proprietary combination of materials is unparalleled in the industry. Made with Pride in Gainesville, FL, USA.

Interested in learning more about Emergency Body Armor, please take a moment to watch our demo videos.

PROMO VIDEO 1:  .44/.45/.40 VS. EBA    ---

PROMO VIDEO 2:  12 Gauge VS. EBA     ---

PROMO VIDEO 3:  GLOCK 30 - .45 ACP VS. EBA   ---

As always, at Phalanx Defense Systems, Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about our products. We welcome all constructive thoughts and general feedback about our products.

Tom R.
Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC

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Very very Interesting!  How does it do against 7.62x39mm and 5.56/.223 rounds?
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When I hit play all I get is "this video is private"

How's it stand up to the Barrett M95?
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