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Range Jam
« on: March 01, 2004, 01:52:10 PM »
I was at the range over the weekend and was shooting S&B ammo, (which is all I ever shoot) and had 2 jams.  The slide was jammed and failed to return to battery.  When I worked it a few times, a small, bb sized piece of what looked like jacketed material with 3 small tabs on it came out of the gun.  It looks like part of the bullet (which is jacketed), but not being a reloader I can't be sure of what it is.  could it be the primer cap?  
Otherwise, I have not ever had a failure to feed or jam in appx 300 rounds out of this gun.  Thanks.

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Range Jam
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2004, 07:23:28 PM »
sounds like a primer the bullet jacket would have stuck in the bbl


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Range Jam
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2004, 05:47:30 PM »
I have shot many thousands of rounds of S and B and I have never had a primer come out. Check your firing pin to see if it has broken and now has a jagged end. Actually you could look at the primer in one of the fired cases and see what the primer 'hit" on the fired primer looks like. It should be just a round indentation. I don't know what else the piece of metal could have been.


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Range Jam
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2004, 11:55:25 PM »
That small bit if metal... was it ring shaped with three small dimples around its outside?  It sounds like your cartridge blew its neck off.  I've never heard of it happening on a CZ 52, and I've never seen it either with my own eyes, but my dad mentioned that that happened to a rifle he had to repair when he was in the Marines.

If that bit of BB sized metal was round and had little tabs off it, it may be the top of the primer cup from inside the shell.  I've never heard of these blowing themselves out either.  But, there's a first time for everything, I suppose.  If it happens again, check every empty shell you have lying around to see what the primer housing looks like inside the shell.  (Yeah, it's a small hole and its awfully dark in there, but nobody will mind if you conduct a little post-mortem autopsy on the empty shell.  Cut it open and have a look in the name of science.)



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Range Jam
« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2004, 08:21:45 PM »
It was a fired boxer primer.  The "3 tabs" was the anvil. The real clue was "BB sized".  Yes S&B ammo DOES blow primers now and then (ask Uncle Jaque). Look for a fired case with an empty primer pocket to confirm.