Author Topic: My new po-1 compact -L 9mm with manual safety review  (Read 8369 times)

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My new po-1 compact -L 9mm with manual safety review
« on: June 12, 2013, 01:37:46 AM »
     Hiya, latest purchase was a po-1 manual safety compact, didnt need another cz compact but comments on this forum suggested that I could improve the triggers action from what my po-2 and its omega trigger set up gave me performance/ preference wise. Its planned use as an EDC made me refrain from having Stu remove the FPB, I'm still very impressed with the improvments he could tweak out of the trigger. Needs more rounds to smooth out the DA. Not a fan of the night sites czc added but the front does have a significant contrast with its white lamp to the rears. Indoor range shooting without an overhead light, and they mostly appear as factory irons. Only 5 ranges sessions to date, so maybe 1000 rds to base my impressions. I love the gun, and for the most part my EDC's and back ups to date are mostly work at the range, as I prefer the full frames with SAO, and light triggers, such as my fun guns.
     A hiccup I had at the range, and suprised it took me several days to figure out why a few times I found myself pulling the trigger and no boom. I was trying to focus on the SA reset and trigger prep a lil too much,  I didnt realize my hand would nudge the manual safety a hair. The other cz compact with the decocker dosent care how much your thumb pushs up on it. In a highly stressful situation I could see this occuring even to an seasoned shooter. So now I'll give special attention in my practice to keeping a downward pressure on it when shooting.
     The competition hammer looks great, but noticed no improvement in comparing it to my po2 without a comp hammer as far as trigger feel, should note that when my shadow had its comp hammer work done, significant improvement in the triggers feel/action. As I qualify, this is just my own opinion and perception. I've added the comp hammer to a gun because I like its look.
     My distances in shooting were all inside 20feet, accuracy was very good for my level of ability. 3 inch groups with slow aimed shots and 4 to 5 inch groups with more rapid shooting and double taps. Fed 115gr ammo, and some cor bon dpx and no failures to feed or fire. If ammo becomes more available and at pre 11/12 prices may try and become accurate with it to 30 and 40 feet, for now thats the tactical sports and 75b-sa's territory.
     Fit and finish, very good, 2 extra mags 14rds in the padded case with tools. I had an issue with 14rd mags not dropping free, Stu swapped out grips and that fixed the glitch. I took some time and rounds to compare the lighter recoil spring Stu used in my trigger tuning to the set up I've been runnin in my po-2, a DPM recoil reducer and its spring made for lighter loads. For the moment I believe the DPM does reduce the recoil better, but the other recoil spring helps the trigger feel better. Nice problems ta have I guess. Next project may be adding hex sites to it, as I've grown used to not having to do the front sight focus with the po-2's hex sites. ie. aiming at a bullseye verses lining one up with a circle, the latter being much quicker to acquire and transition once ya stop trying to line up the front sight. I've carried for right handed shooting, but had ambi safeties on the po-2 and backup cz83. Practice with both hands. I cant see a lefty being interested  in this set up and really noticed it not being there with just several practice sessions. As nice as it is, I see a compact shadow as its future competition for its spot in the under armor rig. Thanks again Stu for the quality of work you cant help but do, and the level of service you give goes way beyond any I've seen.  Be well.
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My new po-1 compact -L 9mm with manual safety review
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 12:38:39 AM »
Thanks for the review.  I am very interested in trying/buying one for myself.