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Green mountain bag
« on: June 23, 2013, 03:18:03 PM »
Picked up a used Green Mountain Range bag to use as a spare. It needed some TLC, cleaned up, new shoulder strap, and some of the stitches were coming undone. I sent an email to the great people who make these bags in CO for a qoute about getting it redone. Told me send it in "Guaranteed for THE LIFE of the bag" and if they couldn't fix it a discount on a new bag!

Sent it in with a note about 3 spots where the stiching was loose and asked if they could repair the hooks on the strap. Got it yesterday and WOW. They re-stitched all seams, replaced the main zippers with new heavy duty style, redid the worn Velcro, put new hooks on the shoulder strap, put it through some industrial wash cycle!, and they shipped it FedEx back to me no charge.

THIS is Customer Service. If you are looking for a new range bag you need to put this American company on your short list.

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