Author Topic: What's a good starter rifle for hunting?  (Read 16620 times)

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Re: What's a good starter rifle for hunting?
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please keep in mind the Lead Ammo Ban for hunting big game goes into effect soon in Cali so choose your caliber based on availability and selection of lead free projectiles.
Yes, while most 'normal' people were asleep or partying governor moonbeam caved to the haters and didn't veto that one.
so after you have your equipment picked out and your hunters safety certificate in hand you will get your hunting license and start the fun of trying to comprehend the rules and regulations pertaining to hunting in Cali
The zones, the seasons, the tag system , the drawing of special tags, the countless contradictorily worded laws of where how and when
plan on spending several days on just that and try to refrain from assuming the DFW is there to help you or facilitate anything in any way or refrain from asking yourself why this, that and the other just makes no sense.
you will have many questions...
If you don't have access to private land and /or are not willing to spend the big$$ on guides finding public land available to hunting is an undertaking as well. I suggest a GPS map from (for example)
but even that will not save you from walking into a booby trapped grow field deep in the wilderness...
 ;) I'll cut that off now.  All I'm saying is that there is some leg work to do both figuratively and literally so having a good hunting buddy or two does help.

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