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Closeness of shooting groups
« on: March 02, 2003, 07:05:39 PM »
I have about 540 rounds through my PCR purchased in 12/2002. I don't have a spotter or coach so I try to improve my accuracy by analysing my targets.

When members remark on how accurate the PCR is could those of you making that statement indicate how close their groups are? Lately I think I'm doing pretty well if I can keep all my shots within the 10" or so diameter of the center of my target. I am a rookie shooter and know I have a lot to learn. Any comments would be appreciated.

I shoot with two hands; then with right hand only and then the left. I also shoot mostly with my bifocals on and then switch to non magnified safety glasses as well.


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Closeness of shooting groups
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2003, 02:05:34 PM »
Your asking a pretty wide open Ill jump in..why not?  For me I have what Ill call my average good shooting days and it goes both ways from there.....

With my PCR's I can group 15 rnds of good ammo within 2-3" at 10 yards, offhand (both hands used in holding and aiming the gun) usually with an occasional flyer or two (5 :\  )

With my SA I can bring 16 rnds to around 2" or less at the same distance with some effort....slow shooting.  Usually no flyers with this gun....heavier, longer sight radius, better trigger etc.....

I shoot with guys that can group less than 2" at 25 yds off hand....but not me.  In more rapid fire...I practice with a drill that goes like this usually...
7-10 yds out, gun holstered IWB and concealed.  Someone says go:  Draw and fire all 15 rounds at target in around 10 sounds like its fast but its really not.  I can stay within 3-4" usually with no flyers in this 'self drill"  

There are alot of good techniques taught out there...I learned how to shoot a pistol from my pop when I was a kid...never strayed from what he taught me and it still works.

A couple of rules/pointers I follow that will help bring your groups in tighter over time.  

1) Get good instruction from a good shooter (everyones opinion, not just there own!)
2)  Practice the whole thing (stance, grip, sight acquisition, trigger pull etc) all of the time.  Dry fire alot.
3)  Get a stance that your comfortable with..and use it.
4)  Grip the gun correctly and dont change it..regardless.
5)  Always work on trigger pull....d/a s/a transition everything.
6)  Shoot with other people than your "normal shooting buddies" on occasion and watch what others are doing.  Have them watch you.....simple observation can be very helpful.

Some tricks that really work:  Search the net (gun places) and find the Correction it and print them up...tells you if your trigger needs work, grip problems etc....

For dry firing exercises...get a 9mm casing (fired) and put it on the top of your slide.  Down at the muzzle end by the sight with the primer side down.  Dry fire slowly until you can do it and the casing doesnt fall.  Now increase your speed..until it becomes second your ready to shoot paper with good trigger work.  If you want to further this you can do a 357 mag shell...and then when you can..turn it onto the bullet end.  Now your a pro!

Shoot well :smokin   Hope this helped.


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Closeness of shooting groups
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2003, 03:04:22 PM »
Thanks for the tips.