Author Topic: How to Tune, Smooth and Upgrade the P-07/P-09  (Read 241124 times)

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Re: How to Tune, Smooth and Upgrade the P-07/P-09
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2017, 03:15:18 PM »
I just finished the Pro-package install myself.  I texted CGW only about the Hammer pin, I was wondering if I was going to maul anything with the amount of force required to seat that pin.  After being told that "It's a snug fit", I just smacked it in.  Actually, the pin went completely in, rather easily, from one side. The other side went in easily until you got to the center, then it met quite a bit of resistance.

I would say that if you have some mechanical aptitude, that you shouldn't be intimidated with doing this job. The roll pin punch that was the best fit was a 3mm, and I used that the most.
Otherwise, between the various You Tube videos, it shouldn't be a problem. But it does take some time.  So be patient.

Just to have them available:

CZ P-09 Walkthrough disassembly and reassembly

P-09 CGW Hammer Kit Install

P-09 Decocker Spring Installation

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Re: How to Tune, Smooth and Upgrade the P-07/P-09
« Reply #16 on: February 17, 2017, 11:53:41 PM »
On one of Schmecky's polishing threads,  he shows in detail the easiest way to polish hard to reach places  using a Dremel tool.

There is a 1/8" Dremel "stem/shaft"for sanding and polishing that  has a tiny screw in the end to hold the tools it uses.

He uses THAT shaft with the screw removed,  and a thin strip of  sandpaper wrapped over the end and down the sides uses a small O-ring used as a rubber band over the strip of paper to hold it in place.  He also shows all the locations to polish.
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Re: How To Tune - Smooth & Upgrade P-07/09
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Ok - this thread has been cleaned up!

The discussion thread can be found here:
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