Author Topic: Flag your thumb, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Glock  (Read 188 times)

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I’ve been trying for a few years to get my skills at shooting my Glock 22/17/23/19 as well as I do my other pistols and nothing has really worked. I’ve tried different grip techniques and triggers and practice and push/pull and dynamic tension from the shoulders and blah blah but at speed I still would consider my abilities to hit the steel plates “second tier” compared to how I do with SIGs and Berettas and M&Ps and 1911s and CZs. I would still miss more of them, and miss inexplicably and stand there befuddled and shaking my head, when shooting my Glocks. The thing that really bothered me is that I kinda like the look and the heritage and the function and engineering of the Glock But it pissed me off that it supposedly required me to grip and shoot it completely differently from every other pistol I own.

Well it seems I’ve found something that works for me with an acceptably minimal adjustment. Flagging and then folding down my strong hand thumb.

It’s described here in the first couple of minutes.

I always thought this guy’s grip looked funny but he shoots well and his logic was sound enough for me to give it a try. Whaddayaknow... I went from clang clang whiff clang whiff what the hell? To clang clang clangclang clang clang clang cla-clang. I shot a 32-round mag followed by a 17 round mag as fast as I would normally shoot my SIG or M&P at the plates at 18 yards today and maybe missed one. Which for me with the midsize frame Glocks has basically never happened before.

I don’t have to worry about any weird push/pull grip or trigger finger placement or sacrificing roosters to Gaston. I just use my normal thumbs-forward, moderately aggressive grip but make sure to really crank my right thumb up and get it sliced by the slide and that appears to satisfy the Glock gods. I may try an aftermarket beaver tail (Gen 3), which before now I never saw the point of.

Anyway, not sure why this is running through my head at 4am after my son woke up and puked all over himself and everything else, but thought some might be interested in this technique to start shooting Glocks straight. Rock on