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CZ-75 SA questions
« on: May 22, 2002, 04:59:18 AM »

I am very close to purchasing an SA in 9mm for IDPA use, and have a few unrelated questions regarding the pistol.

1.  Has anyone ever used Uncle MIke's grip panels?  If so, are they thinner than the factory panels?
2.  Does anyone have a source for a steel guide rod?
3.  Does anyone know if Tanfoglio magazines and/or accesories fit the CZ line-up?
4.  Does anyone know if the CZ slides are cast or forged?
5.  Can the SA model be converted to double action utilizing the existing trigger?

Opinion questions;

1.  How would Tanfoglio pistols rate in comparison to the CZ line-up?
2.  How acceptable are the CZ pistols to properly reloaded ammunition?

Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time

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CZ-75 SA questions
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2002, 02:44:03 PM »

I have not used Uncle Mike's rubber grips.  I plan to order some very soon.  I have been using  Hogue wrap around that I don't consider confortable.

For the steel guide rod, I would urge you to contact CZ-USA.  I don't think it is needed in the 9mm.  If you do get one, you will need to modify the slide.

I am using factory Tanfoglio and CZ magazines.  They work fine.  Some members of this forum have indicated that small adjustments need to be made on some aftermarket magazines made for Tanfoglio firearms.

I do not know about the slide.

As for the conversion to DA/SA.  I have never heard any reports of it being done.  Several reports on this forum of converting to SA.  A call or e-mail to CZ-USA might be a good idea.  1-800-955-4486 or

How would Tanfoglio pistols rate in comparison to the CZ line-up?

Second.:)   Seriously, I don't own a EAA/Witness to make a detailed comparison. I have had opportunities to shoot them, and they were good shooters.  I have heard complaints about EAA support, but again no firsthand experience.

As for reloads, I have been shooting reloads in both of my CZ75SA's without any problems.  I use a Dillon progressive to make enough for my IDPA and IPSC shooting.

Shoot safe, and have fun!