Author Topic: Lousy weather, I'm getting anxious!  (Read 1230 times)

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Lousy weather, I'm getting anxious!
« on: November 13, 2002, 11:33:18 PM »
I still haven't fired my 83 yet.
A 12lb box of Sellier and Bellot ammo came today from CTD!
It gets dark early, before I get home from work, and it's been raining on weekends.
I'm ready to start filling boxes with old magazines and phone books and stack them up in the basement, give the family some of the little cash I have left and send them to the mall to get them out of the house.


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Lousy weather, I'm getting anxious!
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2002, 03:45:33 AM »

In my post about grip screws coming loose you mentioned something about wanting wooden grips like the ones in the old pic.   The folks at J&G have walnut checkered grips for the CZ83 listed in their online store for $44.50.  No picture though so you might be looking at a different product.  I'm thinking about getting some for my 83 (even though I really like the looks of the black plastic ones).

If you get them post a report or pic if convenient.

Good luck.


check out

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Lousy weather, I'm getting anxious!
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2002, 06:43:58 AM »
Hey Thirties,
THOSE LOOK FAMILIAR!  Driven by an old lady to church on sunday and imported to the USA/bought at a gunshow......
They were comfy but....just a tad big. dont have any indoor ranges where you live?
I mean besides your basement?  The mall thing sounds really cool..just wipe the lead residue off of the walls and wear hearing protection.  Pets should be outside with their own hearing protection also....Small mice work for large dogs ears!  :D   :rolleyes
Sorry....I know how you feel...I have a couple of things to report of my own shooting/lack of shooting....Ill give everyone a run down in a couple of days....
Shoot well


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Lousy weather, I'm getting anxious!
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2002, 10:06:30 PM »
Those are some nice lookin' grips, guys!
Ya know, I'm no slouch when it comes to wood, dremel tools and sharp instruments, maybe I'll try my hand...who knows?
I might need something like this to take my mind off this new gun-grabbin' governor of ours. I've had heartburn since election day.

Eric, would you believe I have an AKC German Shorthaired Pointer that hides at the sound of a gunshot? Geebis kripes!
What was I thinking?
Nope, no indoor ranges within a two day mule ride. Maybe Saturday will be nice, the brother-in-law/shooting buddy hasn't been out in awhile either, he's probably antsy to warm up his Bushy, will have to check the weather channel.
I have no problem with shooting in the rain, 'cept there is a short stretch of road to this primo shooting range of ours that would require 4WD when it's been wet.
[Eric,do you know if a taurus cia357 would fit nice in an "Action Direct" inside-the-shirt holster? the 83 fits nice. The holster is like bra-w/elastic pouch for gun under arm]cool!
still looking for that IWB for the 83 BTW, von zipper.