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Re: CZ 75 Grips (Compact)
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2018, 01:47:56 PM »
I have a new CZ P-01 that i have not even shot yet. I absolutely like every thing about the gun except for the grip material. The size and shape of the grips feel great but the material reminds me of a really thick/dense neoprene dive suit and i don't like that at all. I have a feeling that as I shoot this gun this is going to continuously bother me.

I am looking for some grips that mimic the same size and shape of the factory ones but in a nice multi color G10 or micarta. It seems that most of the grips I have come across are much narrower and don't have a "palm swell". I have larger hands and typically like a slightly larger grip so i am very hesitant to spend $50 -80 on grips that I may or may not like.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. I would be grateful if you would share them with me.

Robert Lee

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If you have large hands, Palm swells are your only option.

Those look like the cool hand palm swell grips. Those are the best grips i have seen so far but I wish they had more color options. There semes to only be the three color options avaliable with the palm swells.

Yes, they are Cool hand Palm Swell, and they feel very nice in the hand.
If you really have large hands, then I would suggest Lok Palm swells. They feel little bigger. (see photo below of my PCR).
I am 6 ft 6 guy and I have fairly large hands. My glove size is XL. Both of these Palm Swells fit me very good.
My only problem with LOK grips is that they were little too aggressive for my hand. I just can't explain that, because I don't have soft hands. But the beauty of G10 is that it can be sanded down. That is what I did, after sanding them down I washed them, dried them and they are perfect now. If you look little closer on that pic, you can notice that these were sanded. But they feel good now  ;D

This is my PCR. the grips were ordered thru Amazon. They are very comfortable and pleasing to the eye. They are made in Thailand.

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Re: CZ 75 Grips (Compact)
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2018, 10:29:34 PM »
PCR, with new LOK grenade grips, in brown/black. Nice and thin, good texture without being too aggressive. Fit and finish are perfect.
Shown in an IWB from notch work from Alex!!