Author Topic: Looking at buying a Kadet conversion kit, but it's been filed. Advice?  (Read 694 times)

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Just looking for group consensus here.

I have a CZ75BD, and am currently looking at the CZ Kadet conversion kit (not the Kadet 2, but the original one) in the classifieds.  The seller says it has been filed down.

Two questions here:

1) Will the original work with my BD?  It doesn't have an Omega trigger or anything that I'm aware of
2) Will the fact that this one has been filed have any potential affects on my gun?  I don't know if I would have to file a new kit if I bought it, because I've never had a Kadet kit on my CZ.  Just wondering if the tolerances may be too loose.  I would tend to think not, since people say it's a very light filing that actually needs to be done, but I'd rather have some people's input on this before I spend the cash.


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Usually the reason the kit needs to be filed is variance in the kit, not the gun frames.

If your gun isn't an Omega trigger, I wouldn't hesitate.
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The CZ Kadet manual covers the fitting (filing) on page 24-25.
It can be done with your wife's emery board (nail file)!

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Unless the seller went WAY overboard it will never be a problem as the slide is no longer the slide for the older Kadets. Is it merely something that holds the .22 caliber slide.
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Even if the tabs that were "filed" are loose in your frame, you can cut a sliver( width of rail slot) of a matchbook, and use it as a shim to make it tight in the frame. I have a few CZs and when I would swap the kit from my 75 to my SP-01, it was loose.

The thin cardboard shim made it tight enough so there was no movement at all.

It would probably be fine without it, but it was easy and cost nothing and caused no harm.

Good luck