Author Topic: A pretty good video of the Shadow 2 accuracy vs Shadow 2 Orange at 25 meters.  (Read 290 times)

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I just saw this on Youtube and thought there might be some interest in a accuracy comparison. This is not my video.  The person in the video did say that the Shadow 2 blue had a lighter SA trigger than the S2 Orange, so I don't think the Shadow 2 blue is factory stock. Anyway, I agree with his results based on my rough comparison that I did earlier this year, from a shorter distance, with a standing two hand hold.

CZ Shadow 2 Orange, S2 urban gray, S2 black and blue, 3 polished stainless 75b's and a black 75b all with MCARBO kits and front Dawson FO.

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Very nice video, thanks for sharing it with us mate.
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Appreciate the video. Nice to see side by side comparisons. Thank you.


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I really enjoy these types of videos.  Thank you for sharing!