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DIRECTORY of Ammo Buying Information for the CZ Pistol
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:06:17 PM »
This Stickie takes the place of multiple files in an effort to clean up the Ammo & Handloading Forum, but more importantly, to better organize the information so that it's presented in a more systematic manner. None of the older files have been deleted, it's our hope they are simply being presented in a more logical fashion so that their information can be more useful to Forum members.

Forum Ammo Buying Resources

What Types of Ammunition are Safe in my CZ Pistol ?
An oldie, but a goodie. A full discussion on the types of ammunition CZ suggests for their handguns. Includes explanation of pressure ranges and other useful information. This is the best starting point to understand some of the basic CZ pistol ammunition requirements.

Ammo & Reloading Component Sources
A list of sources CZ Forum users have found useful in obtaining ammo and reloading components that work well with the CZ pistol.

• Use of Steel Cases in CZ Pistols
While several prominent CZ gunsmiths do not recommend the use of steel-cased ammo, neither CZ or CZ-USA prohibit the use of steel-cased ammunition. Use of steel-cased ammo will not void your CZ warranty. This includes the use of the new NAS3 bi-metal cases. All CZ ammunition limitations are based upon chamber pressure, not materials.

Lucky Gunner Load Testing
It's always good to have a trustworthy resource to report on ammo performance. We believe this to be a reliable and reputable resource CZ owners can trust. A wide variety of handgun calibers are presented here with up-to-date and in-depth analysis. It is important to note that these guys do not test small, independent ammo makers. They only test Federal, Remington, Winchester and Hornady. There's a reason for this.
NOTE: Inclusion in these independent tests does not mean that this ammo can be physically chambered in a CZ pistol. These tests only look at effectiveness, not chamber fit. See the following 2 documents to answer questions about fit.

Understanding Ammunition Shape and Dimension Issues
An explanation of why all ammunition is not alike. Details a helpful method to use when buying ammunition. Also includes a detailed description of what can happen if you don't pay attention to your ammunition choices.

CZ Owners Preferred Ammo List
A list of ammunition which your fellow CZ owners have used successfully and should fit your CZ pistol. Each gun is different, so this is not a 100% guaranteed list. Each owner still needs to do his/her own evaluation. But it is a great place to consult when making up your shopping list.

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