Author Topic: Shadow Hammer and Kudos to CZC!!  (Read 285 times)

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Shadow Hammer and Kudos to CZC!!
« on: December 30, 2017, 10:38:55 AM »
Hi all, to maintain factory look, I decided to try a shadow hammer from CZC, it is modded then re-finished to fit a standard 75.
First, shipping was super fast. I ordered it either the 26th or 27th, and it got here yesterday 29th. Comparing it to a stock hammer, dimensions are perfect. The transition of the cut is also perfect. No sharp edge ( this was another area I was concerned about, due to potential stress risers.) Well done indeed. The re-finish was also perfect.

Taking a stock sear, and comparing it to a stock hammer, it visibly is different. I didn't measure yet, but using a stock sear, with correct position, the hooks are higher than the sear on a stock hammer.
On the CZC Shadow, the sear is higher than the hooks. My visual guess is the difference may be .010, which in hammer hooks is significant.

Being my 75 has a few thousand rounds thru it, I decided to order a new sear to use with this hammer. Once it arrives ( yes, I forgot to order it when ordering the hammer) I will install and test. I currently have a 3.5# trigger with more creep than I care for. I am hoping this trigger reduces the creep somewhat. I am not as concerned about lowering the trigger weight any further. To me, break quality is possibly more important than weight itself. I have 1911's that break at 3.5#, but like glass!! I don't expect a 1911 trigger, but I do hope for an improvement. Based on what I see, I do expect one.

Please don't all order the rest of these excellent hammers until I test it, and then order 2 more for my other CZ's!!

I will keep you posted on the test result

Happy New Year