Author Topic: Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered  (Read 431 times)

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Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:46:05 AM »
This weekend, this novice "competitive" shooter shot his first IDPA match on a cool windy day, followed by his second USPSA match on a much more pleasant day.
At the IDPA monthly club shoot, which only about 17 showed up for, it appeared most shooters were carrying pretty much off the shelf setups - which I think is the purpose of this competition. In my group, there were issues, but believe they were with the shooters.
Now in my USPSA club match, the high-dollar rigs were everywhere, including the high-dollar CZs. But in our group there were multiple shooters using high-end firearms, who were seeing numerous failures to eject, failures to feed and light strikes and happening during multiple stages.
My P07 did not have a single hiccup either day, but had no expectation it would. It has been flawless (mechanically) since buying it. My skills continue to suspect: 14th in a 17 shooter match Saturday and 67th in a 72 shooter match Sunday (1 dq). My "goals" were pretty low - no dq and not last. Sunday, I was shooting pretty fare until the final stage and it started out OK, but five plates at 15 yards brought me to my knees. I used up three mags in that stage and still did not drop all of the steels. Argh.
I am going to stick with the P07 for a while, but may get me a holster ordered for my 1911s and my 75B (although I have heard they could be one and the same).
I am out there strictly for fun and not to win.  But I was truly embarrassed on that final stage Sunday. I don't like that.
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Re: Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 01:38:50 PM »
Congrats on your first IDPA match and second USPSA match!

You're only three matches in ... I wouldn't worry too much about your scores or relative finish yet.  You didn't DQ, and you had fun, those should be your only goals for now. 

And absolutely no need to be embarrassed about a bad stage.  Firstly, because, no one besides you really cares or even notices your score, they're all too focused on their own performance.  Secondly, because every shooter has flubbed a stage here and there, so if anyone did notice, they were likely sympathetic.  All you need to take away from a "bad" stage or match is a mental checklist of lessons learned for future matches and things to work on in dry-fire.

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Re: Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 02:01:26 PM »

Good for you!!!  Keep it up and brush off that last stage, that's history. Learn from it and move on... :)

I've had similar experiences with my P-07 and P-09 pistols, they run without issue from the get go.  My metal CZs needed some TLC, but I knew that could happen.


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Re: Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2018, 05:46:55 PM »
Practice and you will get better.
Always try to beat yourself, not others!

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Re: Weekend matches - several high-dollar guns faltered
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2018, 08:31:29 PM »
Good job on not being dq’ed and having a lot of fun. I still remember my first ever USPSA Match in which I was disqualified for breaking the 180. I chalked that up as a lessons learned and haven’t done that since then.

 I also stayed until the end of the match and helped out pasting the targets and tearing down the stages even though I didn’t need to. The veterans were very supportive for my dq and appreciative of me for staying throughout the match and helping out.