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General Discussion / Re: Passed down knife collection
« Last post by Gunnerdad80 on Today at 06:29:09 PM »
That Gerber with the tan-ish gold looking handle and what looks like a button is interesting. I dig unusual stuff like that. Nice collection.
Compact CZ 75s / Re: New P01 Omega... the trigger
« Last post by Claymore504 on Today at 06:28:38 PM »
My P01 Omega UG/SR had a pretty good trigger stock, just REALLY heavy DA pull. I did minor polishing and changed the hammer spring to CGW and the trigger is awesome now. I put way less into this trigger than I did my P07 and got a better trigger with the P01. Go figure.
CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: Extended Slide Release P09
« Last post by jnichols2 on Today at 06:08:33 PM »
I would really like to see a picture of it in place.
CZ CLONE CLUB / Re: C100 Beavertail
« Last post by jaegersapper on Today at 06:06:00 PM »
I think the one on the right is the P-100.....not sure though
Compact CZ 75s / Re: New P01 Omega... the trigger
« Last post by SI VIS PACEM PARRABELLUM on Today at 05:58:35 PM »
You can get a new P229 for $600 if you look.  Yes regularly they are $800.  If you can nail at $600-650 your "ownership cost" is lower.  The trigger won't be hacked up.  Just saying.  I own both.

Yeah they can be found at that price. BUT! Most of them have the short reach trigger which blows and causes the same trigger sting people complain of with the serrated trigger on the CZ PCR. They DON"T always have the short reset parts in which case the reset blows and is LOOONG and springy so those parts need changing. AND they either have contrast sights or Sig Lite night sights which suck and at minimum need to be replaced with XRAY-3's. So now your $600 P229 is pushing $850-$900 before it's by YOUR standards useable.
CLUB CZ97 / Re: Score!
« Last post by Mtb1083 on Today at 05:44:04 PM »
A little update, got my E conversion back from CGWs. Wow love it! While I waited I put in a race hammer, sear and trigger along with the other odds and ends. Test fired this baby a little while ago and bleep I'm in love!

CZ75, 75b, 75 SAO - All Full-Size Pistols / Re: CZ75B Stainless
« Last post by Piddle on Today at 05:41:01 PM »
Bought  2018 model used and shot apron 150 rounds in the matte finish for $510 plus tax.  Had both mags and cz box.  Right place at right time.  Sounds like $500 range would be acceptable for a nice piece
General Discussion / Re: Passed down knife collection
« Last post by JamesCC on Today at 05:39:06 PM »
These knives are legit and even more so because of their history
Tactics and Competition / Re: Recoil Buffers and Competition
« Last post by tdogg on Today at 05:29:49 PM »
I just ordered some black buffers from CZ USA among other items.  I can post up pictures when they arrive.

CZ 2075 RAMI CLUB / How old?
« Last post by Oldbear on Today at 05:29:27 PM »
I’ve got a line on a RAMI decocker.   Per the owner, he doesn’t see a “year” on the piece, only the SN.   SN is B27XXXX.    Any idea how old this on is?   My ‘19 RAMI is #C9XXXXX.    Going to try to drive over (couple hours each way) to see it this weekend, but would like an idea on age of piece.  Thanks
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