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Curio and Relic CZs / Re: Cz 26
« Last post by Viking76 on Today at 03:54:10 PM »
Have been checking on gunbroker and it seems the vz 27 is a easier cz gun to find than vz 22. There is a dealer at my local gun show that has a  excellent condition cz 52 torkarev all matching numbers and original holster for $400. Should i grab it? Is the price right?
Still available

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CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: P-07 ...back to the future
« Last post by Gunnerdad80 on Today at 03:36:07 PM »
I have a new in the box, unfired PO1 Omega. I don’t use it because when I bought it I didn’t realize I had to have the hammer at least half cocked to have safety on. I like to be able to use safety with hammer down.
That is exactly what I needed to know. I want the same as yours except the RMR in front of the rear sight.
I appreciate the help.
CZ CLONE CLUB / Re: ITM AT84S for crazy money!
« Last post by Gunnerdad80 on Today at 03:30:23 PM »
It doesn’t matter to me who produces the gun parts as long as they are of quality materials and manufacturing. And I personally don’t mind paying a little more if final finish quality is top notch.
CZ CLONE CLUB / Re: ITM AT84S for crazy money!
« Last post by draftpick on Today at 03:04:31 PM »
All I can say is that the AT-84s is just a Swiss-made licensed version of the Tanfoglio (CZ-pattern) design,  It is close copy of the CZ, but not a clone of the CZ.  (The earlier AT-84 is a true clone, made under license from CZ -- and may have collector value.)

I own a custom AT-84s and it's a marvelous gun -- but it is marvelous because of the work done by the gunsmith who did the "custom" work.

I've had two other AT-84s models, and they were fine guns, but no better nor worse than the CZs or Tanfoglio/Witness models of that period. (And I've owned examples of all of those guns.)
I don't understand the high asking price for the AT-84s being discussed. 

I’m not sure that these were/are 100% Swiss made or really what ITM even made. MR.Ramos book on the cz talks about tanfoglio making rough frames and parts and ITM finishing & assembling them, just like the Springfield P9. Tanfoglio made the frame, finished state side.

I have the same book and, if I remember correctly, it reads Tanfoglio was unable to meet ITM quality standards so the two companies parted ways and ITM took over beginning with the AT88. I believe it did mention that maybe the first few AT88's were Tanfoglio supplied parts though. But yes Tanfo. supplied the rough finished parts.

Page 73 talks about after ITM and Tanfoglio parts ways ITM started production on the AT-88 pistol in England at the Sphinx facility. Shame that people are paying premium $$ for Italian and English made pistols thinking they are getting premium Swiss manufacturing. Tanfoglio supplied the rough parts for the AT-84’s and some of the 88’s and were finished and assembled in Switzerland. Page 67 talks about how these are priced higher vs the Tanfoglio’s made in Italy even though they all come from the same casting plant.
New Members / Re: New from Montana
« Last post by cntrydawwwg on Today at 02:43:05 PM »
Welcome aboard from Great Falls.
CZ CLONE CLUB / Re: ITM AT84S for crazy money!
« Last post by jwc007 on Today at 02:35:45 PM »
Something is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, but.................I'm thinking it's still a bit too much.
Price drop, $175 shipped.
CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: P-07 ...back to the future
« Last post by Vinny on Today at 02:04:13 PM »
VINNY: I agree with what you said early on in this topic about the SIG P365. I also have a P365 but with thumb safety and now it is the only striker fired pistol I have, and I have several pistols. For me, any added safety feature is a plus. When I began having kids it put me in even more of a 'safety first' mind-set. I sold all my guns without a manual thumb safety, bought a primary gun safe and 2 quick access biometric safes for my wife and I. I do catch a little bit of light-hearted flack for my thumb safety preference but I don't mind. I practice as much as possible with any pistols I carry in an attempt to be as proficient as possible if the need should arise to defend myself, my family or others. Thankfully I haven't been put in that situation. But, I also haven't been subject to the stress, fear and anxiety that a person can experience in a situation like that so a thumb safety, for me, is an added layer of protection against an accidental discharge in a high stress draw situation.
GunnerDad, I think your strategy and M1A4ME's SAO/safety as well makes good sense. A friend of mine recently went from EDC Glock 43 to a SIG P365 with the manual safety for the extra 4 rounds. If you stay with ONE SD manual of arms and regularly practice & train, I agree the extra layer of safety is a good thing. I've chosen hammer-fired DA 1st round as my layer of safety and my FNX-45, CZ's and SIGs all run as DA/SA decockers. I also like that I can thumb-ride the hammer down when re-holstering.
The P-07 & P-09 with Omega trigger give you both carry options. Nice!

My only exception is my P365 and for now I've chosen not to carry it.  Just hoping a firmer trigger-pull kit might become available like a bit longer & smooth 7-1/2-8-1/2lbs, either thru SIG or after-market. Then maybe I'd carry it......but for now, when I need to pocket carry I'll continue with my Hammer-fired DAO Sig290rs micro-9.
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