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Compact CZ 75s / Re: any feedback on how to upgrade my 99041 at CGW?
« Last post by RSR on Today at 04:35:08 AM »
I disagree with RSR on red dots.  You do not need full extension or even to be 100% lined up to find a target with a quality red dot.  Being able to co-witness is a good backup and any quality mill job and dot will allow that. 

Red dots have to be aligned with your eye to work.  Modern shooting techniques, you really won't/shouldn't have that sight to eye alignment until at/near full extension.

Lasers work when shooting from retention, and also don't require any serious modding of gun.  And since you can see where aiming before gun is to your eye, it's also faster, at least conceptually.

Pistol red dots WILL change moving forward, and I wouldn't make any permanent modifications to run what is likely to only be on the market for a decade in its current configuration.
CZ Polymer Pistols: P10, P-07, P-09 / Re: New P10S
« Last post by fatherguidosarducci on Today at 12:54:29 AM »
Great firearm.  I almost traded my P07 for one.  Thought about going back to striker from hammer fired.  But!!!  My P07 is home defense and hammer fired is fine, also the size difference wasn’t enough to lose 3 rds over.  I do realize you can get mag extensions on the P10s.  Lastly, the last time I sold a P07 I missed it terribly.  So I decided to keep my P07.   

Anyhow, the P10s is a sweet firearm.  Congratulations!!!

Well that's interesting:  I'm actually about to do the same:   sell my p-07 that had a trigger job done by CZ custom (very smooth DA pull now) and buy an "out of the box" ready to go striker fired CC gun.   I want to stay with CZ for the reliability and the very good factory trigger on this gun as I don't want to have to do any mods to it at all outside of installing XS R3D night sweats.   
It's a bit thinner than the p-07 as well (1.26 vs 1.46 width).

I don't want the CZ p-10M based on the mixed reviews I've heard on the trigger and lack of external slide release
New Members / Re: New member from Idaho
« Last post by Gunnerdad80 on May 28, 2023, 09:46:16 PM »
Welcome, from Texas.
New Members / Re: New member from Idaho
« Last post by Lock-n-load on May 28, 2023, 09:35:59 PM »
Welcome to the forum!
Tactics and Competition / USPSA PCC
« Last post by kaptnles1 on May 28, 2023, 08:05:41 PM »
I shoot a CZ scorpion. What mag carrier would you guys recommend. I see Comptac has one, what else is available?
I have the Black Scorpion two piece belt.

CZ75, 75b, 75 SAO inc the Transitional / Re: CZ 75 SC Massada
« Last post by briang2ad on May 28, 2023, 07:44:19 PM »
Very nice gun!  Congrats.
CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: SP-01 dot sight
« Last post by want-to be on May 28, 2023, 07:06:15 PM »
Thanks, I put in a note to CZC about their turnaround time, Hope to hear back soon. Who has the best turnaround?
CZF RIMFIRES / CZ Varmint and Varmint MTR Butt Pad Removal
« Last post by jstanfield103 on May 28, 2023, 06:32:27 PM »

I am a shorter individual around 5' 5" tall (if you want to call it that :)) so my LOP is around 12.5" so I have to cut every rifle stock down to that LOP for a comfortable shooting experience. On both my CZ MTR Varmint and my just plain Varmint I tried to take the butt pad off and could not get a Philips head screw driver to grab the hidden screw head that hold the butt pad onto the stock. I tried several sizes and everything I could find out on the internet said they were Philips head screws. You can not see the head of these screws due to CZ making such a small slit to hide the cut for the screw holes. They do a very good job at this as they do with everything they do. So I just ordered a new grind to fit butt pad and cut the LOP on my CZ Varmint down to 12.5". Went well and very successful. But still agrivated that I could not see what screw head was holding the CZ pad on. I could not find this info out anywhere. So today I cut the pad off the factory butt pad and wanted to let anyone that needed that info know what the screws are. The screws are a T20 Torx bit. The butt pad is glued on slightly as was stated in several forums butt not glued super tight. Anyway now I know and so do you. The factory butt pad is not solid on the bottom so if cutting it down much the factory pad will not work and you will need a replacement grind to fit pad. I would rather find a CZ Plastic Butt Plate instead for my MTR model, which I will be doing very soon along with an adjustable cheek riser coming from the UK.
Cajun Gun Works / Re: New Flat DA/SA trigger
« Last post by bonj on May 28, 2023, 06:29:32 PM »
I guarantee it is flatter. Reset is unbelievable in single action.
Good, I ordered both!
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Questions on the Scorpion 3 Plus 7.8” barrel
« Last post by Rayman4449 on May 28, 2023, 03:34:15 PM »
I measured the pin holes on face of my Scorpion 3+ faux suppressor, and they were 3mm.
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