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CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: Found a deal on a CZ 75 Shadow Custom
« Last post by Tok36 on Today at 02:37:28 PM »
I paid $1,600 when i bought the same model new a few years back.
CZF KADET KLUB / Re: Why Kadets Break the Barrel Retaining Roll Pin
« Last post by joerchi69 on Today at 02:05:09 PM »
I think that is the gap to measure and to fill with spacing ?

CZF KADET KLUB / Re: light strikes FTF- odyssey of a kadet
« Last post by joerchi69 on Today at 01:57:37 PM »
I'd take just a touch more off that firing pin.

Hello Painter, thank`s for amplyfying ! I ┬┤will do so.
Also shot the kadet today, removed the spacer under the hammer spring to see how reliable the ignition is. And in a first step consolidating findings for the lightest possible hammer spring with a optimized FP. Without the spacer but the 20lbs HS where some failiures. With the cheap ammo only. Next categoriy up ammo CCI select worked just fine.

Dents top down

Blazer    15 rds,  fine
CCI sv    50 rds  1 stove pipe, slide closed on last rd, oiled the slide rails more
CCI sv    50 rds  1 missfire, 3 times the slide closed on the last round
CCI sv    50 rds  3 rds not delivered out of mag , 2 slide closing last rd, cleaned it
CCI select100 rds, fine
CCI Blazer 50 rds, 1 missfire

last row 3 cases fired from range neighbor with a full pistol kadet with the old FP

Summary; with the CCI SV 250 rds, 2 missfire, but (as usal) in the triple-digit, from 150 to 200 on, when cleaned in between the next pack without. Some slide issues with the CCI SV too, not delivering the next round, stayed not open.
For now i will go on without the HS spacer and modify the FP just a touch more.
For tournaments i choose the CCI select to avoid stress.
That's what I was checking -- to see if the subject has re-arisen.  Glad that it has not. 

It's kinda funny, but I put a lot of rounds downrange, and have never had a pistol or revolver break on me.  One S&W Mdl 65 developed what S&W calls "cylinder cramps" which means the cylinder turned with difficulty -- the solution was to take the crane apart and clean it!   

So I'm not too worried about the CZ-75's.
CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: Found a deal on a CZ 75 Shadow Custom
« Last post by larryflew on Today at 01:07:29 PM »
Nice deal and great to deal with but I want yours  8)
CZ Gunsmithing / Re: MCARBO CZ 75b trigger spring kit review.
« Last post by jokester945 on Today at 12:25:08 PM »
So, I did actually find a big downside, at least for me. Apparently, this kit doesn't work on the 75BD so back to CGW springs for me.
Hello all,

I found a deal on a CZ 75 Shadow Custom and wanted to pass along for anyone that is looking.  $900 for a what appears to be a very gently used gun.  Talked to the gun shop and the fellow indicated that it basically like new.

I picked up a used shadow target from Arnzen Arms a couple of months ago and it is in excellent condition, just as they had described.  Arnzen Arms definitely seems like a good shop with good prices on their used guns.
PCR sight SOLD. CZC sights and Sig rear still available
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