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Magpuls and random GI knockoffs when I find one that looks interesting.

My Magpul 10/20s (California) are my go-to magazines. Never had an issue with it in the year I've been using it. I also find it holds the bullets a bit more securely. I have a metal one from ASC and the rounds slide out of the magazine in storage on their own. The other three ASC mags and some no-name 10/30 GI mag have all behaved though.

I am a big fan of the 20 round size. I'm limited to 10 either way, and the 20 round form factor is a bit easier for me to grab than the 10 rounders, and doesn't stick down past the grip like the 10/30 rounders when shooting prone.
General Discussion / Re: How old are you ???
« Last post by bgw45 on Today at 01:47:37 AM »
I remembered all but the gum.  In Texas during summers I remember driving to a place outside with picnic tables  and a watermelon stand. What a wonderful treat. Cold melon on a warm summer night, sitting outside with the family. I loved it. Yes, I just might be considered old.
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Feeding issues
« Last post by billythefish on Today at 01:46:50 AM »
Nice to hear good recent customer service stories
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Stiff bolt release
« Last post by billythefish on Today at 01:22:31 AM »

Thanks MR E.G, right now I'm a happy camper, managed to successfully remove the flash can and barrel nut from the carbine handguard without tarnishing/destroying anything. That barrel nut was piping hot from just removing it (without me using a heat gun)

Is this what superheroes feel like?
General Discussion / Re: How old are you ???
« Last post by Ihave7 on Today at 12:41:12 AM »
My friend had one of those hot plates and molds for cooking and making "creepy crawlers". Got burned bad many a time. What is even worse is when they came out with "incredible edibles", and you used the same molds that you had just used for the plastic bugs! Never thought a thing about the burnt rubber taste........
VZ-58 semi auto rifle / Re: Funky odor from Czechpoint 10-round mags
« Last post by RSR on Today at 12:27:58 AM »
Did it appear to be the same, or similar, paint as to what they use on their modern production rifles?
Compact CZ 75s / Re: PCR feels snappy
« Last post by Jerrybarbour on November 19, 2018, 11:29:19 PM »
Thanks for your advice. CGW recommended me try a grip change, thinner, before giving up on that gun. I also have the P07 and P01 with no problems! Thanks
General Firearms Discussion / Re: What AR magazines do you prefer and why???
« Last post by delphidoc on November 19, 2018, 11:09:32 PM »

why 20 round? - so I'll never grab a .300 BO magazine and stick it in a .223 chambered AR and have a bad day.

Good idea. I've got one AR chambered in .556 and have 30+ PMAG 30's for it (stockpiling for the upcomning Dim attempts to ban high-cap mags). Apparently I'm about to build an AR pistol chambered in 300BK, as this weekend my son showed me an upper that's my upcoming Christmas present from him. I've thought about buying aluminum mags for it so that I don't put the wrong mag in the wrong gun. Separate 20 rounders would work, too.
General Discussion / Re: Time to head for the shooting range--Sunrise in NM
« Last post by delphidoc on November 19, 2018, 10:59:45 PM »

That's beautiful. I'm sure it looked even better live-pics usually don't do sunrises and sunsets their full justice.

We need a big volcanic eruption to pump a megatons of ash and sulfur dioxide into the air. Pinatubo came uncorked in 1991. I had just been gifted a Minolta 8000i. Awesome sunsets the entire fall and winter. It even cooled off the earth. We didn't hit 100 then entire next summer living in Irving, TX. We usually had hit 100 by Memorial Day living there.
I need to simplify my cleaning way too many cleaners and oils....

Been shooting for 45 years, started with Hoppes and got away from it, now I am back to it.

Use Wilson oils, Slip 2000 and plan to simplify to Hoppes for cleaning and Mobil 1 for lubing.
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