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New Members / Re: New member from Illinois
« Last post by M300Pilot on Today at 07:11:18 AM »
Greetings from Kansas.  Illinois is sort of odd.  You see at a sea of green on the states that reciprocate concealed carry map and then there is red splotch right in the middle...which is Illinois. 
"I'm still waiting for cz to come out with a decocker shadow 2."
They'll never make a decocker model without a firing pin block.
CZ Center fire Rifles / Re: CZ 600 write-up
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 04:08:25 AM »
Nice! Still no word on the Alpha...
CZ Center fire Rifles / Re: Uil Rifle
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 04:07:36 AM »
Things change, and definitely not always for the better. For instance, I miss the CZ 527. But, with luck I'll be able to see if the new 600 will be any improvement.
I hope that elegant Model 70 will be cherished for decades further in the family.
A Day at the Range! / Re: Got back on
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 04:02:45 AM »
Gah! That's terrible! However, I can relate - I had a Third Class Radioman on my ship who had to "familiarize" with the 1911, (yes, that long ago), who, when it was time to fire, squeezed his eyes shut and put five rounds into the flight deck! It was fun watching him repair the damage...
CZ SHOTGUNS / Over/Under Shotgun Advice
« Last post by .45Auto on Today at 03:27:58 AM »
Good morning, 

New member here and I am looking for some over/under advice. 

I am thinking of getting an over/under and was looking at the below three:
CZ Wingshooter 12 gauge 28" barrel
CZ Redhead Premier 12 gauge 28" barrel
CZ Redhead Premier All-Terrain 12 gauge 28" barrel

I am looking for advice (good or bad) of the three?
It will be a hunting shotgun, don't care about it getting dinged, maybe shooting skeet, trap and sporting clays.

Thanks for your help

Terry P


CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: Increase trigger pull on the Shadow2 SA?
« Last post by mrt on Today at 02:56:28 AM »
Thank you!
CZ Gunsmithing / Re: CZ 75 SP-01 Manual Safety Tutorial Videos
« Last post by Minfred on Today at 12:59:38 AM »
Perfect timing.
Thank you
I'm glad CGW pointed out the decocker cage is more stable due to the sear pin across the frame.   That makes a difference in consistency I think.   

I've preached b/bd model 75 variants can both be tuned the same for a while.

The biggest advantage is the shadow and ts models without a firing pin block have a shorter reset.  I'm still waiting for cz to come out with a decocker shadow 2.


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Maybe the kadet 1 was made for the cz75 pre B,so the mags might be able to be tweaked.
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