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General Discussion / Re: Why I got rid of my CZ
« Last post by SI VIS PACEM PARRABELLUM on Today at 07:45:50 PM »
Ok, that's reassurring my OCD. So, apparently, you have not modified your trigger. Do you practice dry fire?

I do not practice dry fire,I only function test the pistol as a matter of maintenance after cleaning. I reload bunches of 9mm so I can live fire practice at least weekly and often in bad weather months 3 times weekly.
I keep my guns clean and very well lubricated and that is a likely contributing factor in my never breaking a trigger return spring.
If you buy a PCR or any other model CZ I'd practice through at least a thousand rounds to get good and used to the way the pistols functions out of the box and then decide if I wanted to do any mods/upgrades to enhance the action.
Honestly I've owned so many handguns over the years it's hard to remember them all but the one universal thing is I've never owned any handgun that I kept for a length of time that didn't receive some sort of upgrade/action tuning.
For me one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of owning and shooting a particular gun is to be able to personalize it to my own likes.
Got notice they are being shipped back ... WooHoo
Did you go with Holosun 507c? What front and rear iron sight used as co-wetness? Pictures, please! Planning to do the same on my P01. Very interested in seeing pictures of your setup.

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CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Firing pin movement.
« Last post by biggerhammer on Today at 07:14:59 PM »
Both of my firing pin blocks don't stop the pin from advancing forward when they should. You can apply forward pressure on the firing pin without depressing the firing pin block resulting in the firing pin advancing all of the way through the bolt. Sometimes, the fpb will attempt to stop the firing pin from advancing but increasing forward pressure easily overcomes the block. Someone's math was off about .030" to .040" when the designed the pin/block assembly.
I continue to hope that at some point a few folks will learn that a BULLET is called a BULLET and NOT a BULLET HEAD!

The hipster term "pill" drives me crazy.  :P
I heard it was a short trip. ;D

I'm still laughing.  Am I "wrong."
That becomes a perspective issue. ;D If we can't have fun...what's the point?
I originally bought an original CZ-75 Pistol with only 1 Magazine, back in 1987, at the Ft. Pierce, Gun Show.  I sold it a Year later, and have regretted it every since.  During the Christmas Holidays, I lucked out on 2 Safe Queens.  1. a 1989  Walther P.88 Pistol, and 2.  This  Estate Sale I was able to get off   I look forward to Firing it very soon.    The Words:  too Valuable to Fire,  are unknown to me.   I am trying to find the Year it was Made.   Unlike the first one I had, this one was not Imported by Brno.  This one  is Imported by:  Bauska, in Kalispell,  Montana.  The Serial No:  is a high one, 115059.  In the little Oval behind the Ejection Port, and just over the Extractor is a Proof mark,  and the  number 84, is this the Year of MFG?  1984.   Just joined today.   I am hoping I can find out my answer here, and the CZUSA Website did not know anything.   Hope someone can tell me.   Paul in Hobe Sound, Fla.
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Flash light options
« Last post by UKI2932 on Today at 07:05:21 PM »
Thanks for the reply songmeesay. I’ll do some research on that.
CZ85, 85B, & 85 Combat / CZ 85 in matte blue available
« Last post by greystonedog on Today at 07:04:03 PM »
Schultheis Sporting  Goods on GunsInternational site has listed  LNIB CZ 85 in matte blue for $525 + $35 shipping. This is the only blue one I have seen recently. Someday I would like to have a factory blue one but this is not the time for me, bought 2 CZ's that I have not received yet . I think this is a good deal, opinions please. Someone buy it so I can quit looking at it. No its not a combat or I would have it coming my way
General Discussion / Re: URNA Czech Republic Special Police Unit 4K
« Last post by Shadow2 on Today at 06:55:33 PM »
Cookie cutter equipment to look cool and up to date with when they go to the first responder anti terror conventions. Logistically it makes sense to run gear with those you may have to work with in the future.
I am running one of these on my 550s, they are working well. I have not touched them since i installed them. There are allot less primers on the floor now as well.
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