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General Firearms Discussion / Re: Beretta 76
« Last post by Classic12 on Today at 02:38:13 AM »

i love those small pocket pistols....  iirc those 76 came in other variants....

if you have a chance to buy/try a M87 go for it.  they are spendy, but you dont see them overhear that much and when you do, they command a nice price.
I also have an 87 target and I believe that, like many modern Berettas, the frame is lightweight alloy, not steel. Still a very good gun imo.

General Discussion / Re: Knife
« Last post by b00st4ddicted on Today at 01:54:25 AM »
Just bought a Spyderco paramilitary 2.  Paid $165 for it with S45VN steel.  Action is very smooth and the size is just right.  One of the best knife you'll own.
Compact CZ 75s / Re: Thinking about a P-01
« Last post by b00st4ddicted on Today at 01:51:30 AM »
I am in Texas and bought a P-01 urbran gray for $729 plus tax.  I shot many, and P-01 is definitely one of the best hands down.
I have always had good results with the "aftermarket" Mec-Gar CZ 75 mags in Type A pistols.  These live in a weird niche.  Mec-Gar became the OEM supplier for CZ-UB at some point (probably @ 2004).  Mec-Gar has always had a policy (probably dictated by the firearms manufacturers) that they don't offer "aftermarket" mags when they become the OEM supplier for that manufacturer.  The very best 75/85 series mags were "aftermarket" Mec-Gar magazines available in the 90's-early 2000's.  They have the "Mec-Gar" logo on the mag body, and they will also be marked "MG-CZ75-9MM" near the base plate.  These seem to work equally well in Type As, Type Bs, and Transitional pistols.  They don't work as well in the very early pistols. but to be fair, even the OEM Czech magazines have some hiccups in these pistols.  The only "magazine sensitive" pistol I have owned was a 1982 Frankonia.  Even my Bauska likes the Mec-Gars I have described. 
In all seriousness, you may want to consult older manuals and sources when dealing with older lots of powders.  "Cans" of IMR powders are getting a little bit old, by now.  I don't mean that they are expiring (unless they smell bad), but they do benefit from older load data.  In the handgun realm, I wouldn't try to "reinvent the wheel" by loading them with plated bullets, or other new designs.  Stick with the bullet weights/types that were available from 1970-2005.  I wouldn't waste any currently unavailable powder on plated bullets, FWIW. 
The only problem is that niche is sort of small...

Thus, 4756 !!  ;D

CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Magzines
« Last post by b00st4ddicted on Today at 12:45:13 AM »
So I guess the 35 round Magpuls would be safer in the long run than the smoked 30 round CZs?

Thanks for asking that question, I was thinking the same question.  I have also heard the AKV mags are good but they don't drop free.
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Magzines
« Last post by Phyffe on Today at 12:31:16 AM »
So I guess the 35 round Magpuls would be safer in the long run than the smoked 30 round CZs?
Thanks for your comments, guys.

Kinda bummed that experience shows the Carbine isn't inherently more accurate than the pistol version, but on the other hand, it does look way cooler.

We cannot get permits for rifle caliber weapons here where I come from so the Scorpion is immensely popular (they retail for $2400 over here, a 9mm Kriss Vector goes for $7000, an HK SP5K goes for double that). Gun shop owners tell me people have swooped in and grabbed all the magpul grips and mags they had in stock to corner the market. Schmucks.

I will definitely go for the HBI kit, thanks for the tip!

I've ordered a Sig Romeo 5 sight as I am able to find it for less than $300 over here. Holosuns are around the same cost (yeah I heard they make Sig but the Sig has shake awake).

Has anyone tried to 50 round drum mag yet?
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Alternative iron sights
« Last post by Vee12 on April 19, 2021, 11:33:24 PM »
I used the Troy HK style flip ips on my Scorpion and love them. Super high (quality-wise) of any rail mounted sight I have tried. Co-witnesses (or lower 1/3) well with any red dot. Highly recommend them.
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