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CZ Gunsmithing / Re: What are most effective ways to clean pistol barrel?
« Last post by John_ on Today at 06:49:43 AM »
When I want to get a bore completely clean, including copper fouling, I use Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner. It works very well and requires no scrubbing. Just let it sit for 15 minutes or so and then run a couple patches through.

Thanks for the info. Going to try this stuff. Amazon has it btw.
Compact CZ 75s / Re: 75 Compact - decocking?
« Last post by M1A4ME on Today at 06:40:27 AM »
I would suggest that once you've pulled the trigger to release the hammer you're holding onto, let up on the trigger before slowly allowing the hammer to move forward to the half cock position.

That will let the firing pin block drop back down to it's "safe" position, blocking the firing pin from moving forward enough to set off the primer.
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Won a Walther PPQ M2 5”
« Last post by Earl Keese on Today at 06:38:27 AM »
I glanced over the Walther forum in Benos the other day. Seems like several people had switched to PPQ's because of Walther offering contingency money. Congrats on winning a nice gun!
Sounds like possible lead fouling, what bullets are you shooting?
What defines match grade?
Good question!  For me, less than 2" at 50 yards from a wrist rest using a red dot sight.  For me, using a red dot is necessary for this test.  My match grade guns include a factory 75B with a CGW bushing, a 97B"E" with a CGW bushing, one P-09 and one P-07 with factory fitting and barrels. 

My 75B was 6" at 50 yards with the factory bushing on a good day.  It was not useful to me.  With the CGW bushing, it is as good as the P-09 and 97B"E", which are my standards.

CZ Center fire Rifles / Re: CZ-527 Varmint review
« Last post by M1A4ME on Today at 06:30:14 AM »
Nice rifle, nice shooting, nice pictures.

Your pictures reminded me of 35 years ago, hunting ground hogs with my M700 Rem. in .223.

Fun days.  Good times.  Good friends.
Compact CZ 75s / Re: 75 Compact - decocking?
« Last post by SI VIS PACEM PARRABELLUM on Today at 05:19:11 AM »
is it safe to carry hammer all the way down?  it has a firing pin block.. less of a chance to get the hammer snagged.

if i decock over a bucket of sand i dont see how thats dangerous.

Perfectly safe to carry a CZ with firing pin block hammer down. I manually decock safety models by the thumb and forefinger method all the time/grip the hammer with the 2 fingers on my off hand and slowly lower it down, have done so for years. I know there are those who swear this is an unsafe practice but it is not.Those who disagree have never handled a revolver and had to become accustomed to manually decocking a firearm.
Practice the method and as always be sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.
That cosmetic defect was likely there before and you didn't notice it. If the cleaner you used was caustice enough to eat away that spot it would have destroyed the bore. Wouldn't worry about it. Shoot it and enjoy.
I make several passes with a brush and bore cleaner, spray out with aerosol solvent,let dry and run a couple lightly oiled patches through the bore. This is plenty good enough.
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