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New Members / Re: New member from CA
« Last post by schutz85C on March 23, 2019, 11:25:49 PM »
Welcome from your own state !
CZF KADET KLUB / Re: Any time/way to get a Kadet for less than $400 ?
« Last post by schutz85C on March 23, 2019, 11:24:34 PM »
Rich thanks for shedding light on the SP01 kadet kit contracted to the Kadet2 kit.
I was wondering about the differences and you answered it.

I use my Kadet 2 at every range session as warm up. It is not ammo fussy at all.
Ammo Questions and Handloading Techniques / Re: VihtaVuori N330 powder load data
« Last post by Boris_LA on March 23, 2019, 11:23:33 PM »
Sectional density is pure bullet material/build characteristic like hardness in the lead cast bullets. The important for pistol ammo reloading is only the external material (Jacketed, Plated, Lead) and shape/size. No good/bad SD numbers.
Ballistic coefficient is related to shape/weight of the bullet and how the shape affects the flight and loss of the velocity and energy down range. Larger is better as it provide less vertical drop on the distance. Boattail long rifle bullets have better BC and don't loose their energy as fast  as low BC airgun diabolo-shaped pellets with high drag. Pistol bullets not much better and generally have low BC.
External ballistics that calculated using BC is not part of your general pistol reloading tasks. Its only for your information.
Useful information in the manual is the reported tested powder charge (min-max) and achieved velocity at the OAL they used for testing.
You can safely start with their min reported charge and compare your velocity results to their to see how much your barrel is different from testers and if you are in the same velocity range.
Cajun Gun Works / CZ 75B Omega w/ CGW kit - issues (returns to DA)
« Last post by rftek on March 23, 2019, 11:18:07 PM »
Howdy all, looking for advice on troubleshooting my beloved 75B Omega. I installed CGW 75700 kit, felt pretty good while dry firing.

I tested at the range and had a major issue:
 - Upon firing the pistol should return ready in Single action. What my pistol is doing is sometimes (25%?) it returns in double Action. I can manually re-cock and single action then works as expected.

Any ideas what might be the culprit? What did I do during installation?

I lightly polished the supplied components, trigger bar, etc. but was careful not to remove material - just polish.

I cannot reproduced this problem by dry firing, the action reliably resets to single action.

The next thing I can think to try is detail strip the sear cage assembly and just reinstall everything.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!
Compact CZ 75s / Re: PCRs fly off of the shelves
« Last post by granky on March 23, 2019, 11:17:52 PM »
Tok - Did I read somewhere that you had purchased the Dawson/CGW night sights? If so, opinions?

   I am still not sold on night sights in general. The few sets of night sights that i have experience with have all been a compromise to my preferred comp sight set up (flat black rear sight w/ FP front). I foresee that i will need more experience to come to any strong conclusion on the matter.

   As to the CGW PCR night sights, i like them compared to the factory CZ night sights i have tried. The dots are smaller and sharper. The front sight dot is a bit larger than the rear for some contrast. The rear notch also seams wider than some. I like that they are low profile and smooth so that they will be less likely to catch on something. They also have a white ring around the front sight for daylight shooting.

   A significant factor for me is that they seam like they will make good daylight sights. Due to the little chance that i will encounter an opportunity to use them in low light in SD/HD or in range shooting how they work in day light is important.

   Do to their design the rear sight dose not come all the way to the rear of the slide. So you loose a bit of potential sight radius. I am unclear on the value of the small amount of sight radius that you would gain from a rear sight that meets the rear of the slide. I guess some might bring up the price but night sights are expensive in general.

I am also interested in the CZC PCR sight options, too bad i only own one PCR.

Thanks Tok, there is nothing like first hand experience especially something so subjective as sights.

I feel the same way regarding night sights. On the one hand they could be helpful in certain conditions but on the other they don't show up as well as good three dot sights in daylight. For range duty and competition outside nothing beats FO and I have those on my range guns but the PCR's primary role will be SD and the Dawson/CGW sights seem to be a good low profile design with a wide deep rear notch and large front profile as long as the front dot is easy to pick up in daylight.

I guess I'm sold on them even though they are the most expensive sight set I've bought til now. Now I need a pusher cause I wouldn't dare bang on them with a hammer. On the positive side, for me at least, the PCR doesn't need anything else to be the ultimate defensive handgun. That trigger is coming along fine without even shooting it. It has smoothed out with dry firing then the last couple of days I've left it cocked and it seems the DA is a bit lighter or my finger is getting stronger. ha
Cajun Gun Works / Re: CZ 75 B SA - CGW Upgrades
« Last post by Sulpgnir on March 23, 2019, 11:13:27 PM »
Glad to hear that your tuning went well. May your CZ75 SA treat you well. Nice pic too, thank you for that.

Thanks.  I am planning on putting in more rounds before deciding additional upgrades or 2nd pass on polishing the internals.  Not a fan of polymer, but may consider picking up a P-09 to work on next ;D

That is worthwhile work !  Nice pistol.

Thanks!  I took my time by breaking it down into mini tasks, i.e. disassembly, polishing, pre-fitting of new parts, etc.  My fingers are still a little sore from all the hand polishing and fitting, but it's all worth it  :P
Comp-tac is pretty cheap and can be found used easily enough. Comes with drop and belt level mounts.
CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: Race Hammer Fitting to SP-01 Manual Safety
« Last post by schutz85C on March 23, 2019, 11:08:56 PM »
Nice SA trigger weight !
Please try to post a pic of your completed piece !
CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: Original Full Nitride Shadow 2 on GB
« Last post by Raining_Brass on March 23, 2019, 11:04:58 PM »
Guys it's not a rare collector's edition or something. it's a factory run of something that they later decided to change because it was suboptimal. Just because only 80 of them were made doesn't make it more valuable.

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Collector editions rarely carry the value of discontinued premium models in any arena.  This model wasn’t supposed to be so rare which is what makes it so unique.  I remember 99021’s and 99041’s going for over 2k And there were like 1500 of them made.  If it’s hard to find and desirable, it’s definitely going to be worth whatever someone is willing to pay

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Exactly. It's interesting that it was never supposed to only be 80. CZ was going to have them as available as any of the other S2 models, but they quickly discontinued it when they realized how incredibly rare 100% flawless frames were to come across.
Cajun Gun Works / Re: SP-01 and 97 BD CGW Project
« Last post by schutz85C on March 23, 2019, 11:00:25 PM »
Nice work !

As an afterthought I had also considered the stainless race hammer but I had already ordered the black one.
It made sense to match the trigger.
I can live with it.

Yours looks great!
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